prey - Tracking device for your laptop

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Prey is a lightweight application that will help you track and find your
laptop if it ever gets stolen.
The script runs at a specified interval in your machine, and checks for a
specified URL in the web. If the URL exists it means the computer/laptop has
been stolen, and thus goes through the information gathering routine and
sends all that info through to a previously defined email address. You can
also not define a URL and in that case the program will send the data every
time it runs.
You can also use the Prey web control panel (
to manage the computer state, as well as toggling different modules for
triggering certain behaviours remotely. In this case you don't have to
worry about the URL thing since it takes care of that for you. You only
need to register and insert the API and Device keys in the Prey


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prey - - -


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curl -
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perl-Net-SSLeay -
python-gtk >= 2.6
v4l-tools -
wget -
xdg-utils -


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application() -
application(prey.desktop) -
config(prey) = 0.6.4-1.22
prey = 0.6.4-1.22


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Binary Package prey-0.6.4-1.22.noarch.rpm
Source Package prey-0.6.4-1.22.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Security repository:
    # zypper addrepo security
  2. Install prey rpm package:
    # zypper install prey




2015-05-03 -
- Update to 0.6.4
* [FIX] Handle situation in geo module, when a long list of access points provokes a "Request too long" error.
* [FIX] Improved distro name and version detection in Linux.
* Added new platform upgrade script (lib/
* Include OS and Bash version in User-Agent, for easier debugging.
* Added exception notification system, to keep better track of errors.
* Increased (low) HTTP request timeouts to reduce connection errors.
* Better detection and cleanup of existing (old) versions.
* Better error handling and output redirection so we can find out what is going on.
* The upgrade process is only performed if the device is not flagged missing.
2014-03-14 -
- Update to 0.6.2
- spec file cleanup
- Added .desktop update macros
- SPDX license strings
2013-07-23 -
- Updated to 0.6.0
2011-03-08 -
- Updated to 0.5.3
* Small code cleanup
* Clearer messages when patching
* Moved HTTP functions out of the pull file. Clearer naming for curl
options/argument variables, as we also have a curl_options global
setting in the config file.
* Format adjustments for readme file
* Merge remote branch 'drewreece/master'
* Updated self-setup routine to use the new send_request method.
2011-01-28 -
- Fix modules/geo/version permissions as per rpmlint report
2011-01-28 -
- Spec file clean up and dropped obsolete code
- Updated to 0.5.2
- Changes from 0.5.1 to 0.5.2
* Added SMTP verification. MD5sum Mac updater bug fixed (issue #84)
* Remove unneeded brackets.
* Only set SMTP user/pass if they're set indeed. From issue #89 on Gi.
* Debugging info for Linux configurator. Better SMTP user/pass settin.
* Support for encrypted responses from the Control Panel, to avoid po.
* Exit if the decryption doesn't work. Make sure offline actions use.
* Dont use the full path to openssl so it works in Windows
* Removed encrypt_response from config file as the option should be s.
* Run as logged user when current user is different, not necessarily.
* Make tempdir readable when creator is not logged user, not root
* Small code cleanup, slightly better logic for decryption. Always re.
* $status is now $response_status
* Using AES encryption for responses. Make sure On Demand is connecte.
* Fixes for header/body parsing in Mac, md5sum and added a term_proce.
* Fixed key verification
* Code cleanup. Removed unused content-type functions.
* Small improvements to On-demand check
* Replaced backticks with '' in updater.
* Wait time for On-Demand pipe is 10, that was just for testing
* Code cleanup. Added send_request function for code reutilization
* Moved get_pid function from Windows to framework, where it belongs.
* Better detection of encrypted response
* Better way of checking if auto_update download worked
* More code cleanup, less backticks, simpler get_attribute function
* Added missing cleanup to stop spawning temp folders
* error_exit function to handle better ungraceful exits
- Changes from 0.5 to 0.5.1
* Using PID as method of verifying if On Demand is still active
* Stronger method of checking, as PID's can overlap
* Added timestamp to pings
* Simply check if openssl is running. Only Windows is giving us this ...
* Fixed Email Pass Decryption bug. Once again. :(
* Make sure we're getting the timestamp from pings
* Send pings back when requested. Better way of knowing if device is,...
* Disable NB I/O as it seems to causeing some issues

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