python3-mshr-openmpi - Python bindings for mshr to generate meshes for FEniCS

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Distribution openSUSE Tumbleweed
Repository Science all
Package name python3-mshr-openmpi
Package version 2016.2.0
Package release 1.10
Package architecture i586
Package type rpm
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The python bindings for the mshr package that generates simplical meshes
for DOLFIN in 2D and 3D from geometries described by Constructive Solid
Geometry (CSG) or from surface files, utilizing CGAL and Tetgen as mesh
generation backends.


Package Version Architecture Repository
python3-mshr-openmpi-2016.2.0-1.10.x86_64.rpm 2016.2.0 x86_64 Science
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python3 numpy
python3-dolfin-openmpi = 2016.2.0


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python3-mshr = 2016.2.0
python3-mshr-openmpi = 2016.2.0-1.10
python3-mshr-openmpi(x86-32) = 2016.2.0-1.10


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python3-mshr < 2016.2.0


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Binary Package python3-mshr-openmpi-2016.2.0-1.10.i586.rpm
Source Package mshr-2016.2.0-1.10.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Science repository:
    # zypper addrepo science
  2. Install python3-mshr-openmpi rpm package:
    # zypper install python3-mshr-openmpi




2017-03-08 -
- update to upstream release 2016.2.0 [2016-11-30]
* Improvements and bugfixes
* Upgrade to CGAL 4.9 and use CGAL as header only library
release 2016.1.0 [2016-06-23]
* Major improvements, in particular boundary conditions
- added patch
* mshr-cmake-checking-fixes.patch (corrects linking errors)
- refreshed patch
* mshr-fix-cmake-install-path.patch
- removed patch
* cmake-3.3-string-replace.patch (no longer applicable)
2015-10-06 -
- added patch to fix build with new cmake > 3.3
- added missing build dependency for
- removed patch
mshr-swig-prefix.patch (fixed upstream)
2015-09-25 -
- update to version 1.6.0 [2015-07-28]
- Upgrade to CGAL 4.6
- Add more demos
- Faster and more memory efficient implementation of csg operations
- Bugfixes and cleanups
2015-09-25 -
- as dolfin requires openmpi, require it here too
removed mshr-dont-require-mpi.patch
2015-02-09 -
- Use %cmake macros
- Fix swig prefix for openSUSE Factory
* mshr-swig-prefix.patch
- Use make -j1 to avoid high memory consumption
2015-02-06 -
- initial package for mshr

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