parpack-openmpi-devel-32bit - Development files for arpack-ng

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The arpack-ng-openmpi-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use arpack-ng.


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parpack-openmpi-devel-32bit-3.5.0-1.5.x86_64.rpm 3.5.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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libparpack2-openmpi-32bit = 3.5.0
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Source Package arpack-ng-3.5.0-25.25.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Science repository:
    # zypper addrepo science
  2. Install parpack-openmpi-devel-32bit rpm package:
    # zypper install parpack-openmpi-devel-32bit




2017-07-09 -
- Update to version 3.5.0:
* Improve cmake build system: disable C++ detection, set
default build type.
* Use AC_PROG_FC instead of AC_PROG_F77 for proper
inizialization for the usage of AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH.
* Improve cmake build system: add make install and fix shared
* fix usages of DLACPY to not alias inputs
(patch from
* Fix possible deadlock when PARPACK call uses communicator
with a larger number of CPUs than previous call
* Portability improvements to the autotools build system.
* Let cmake guess the default installation directories.  Can be
overridden by changing CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR and
* Shared libraries built by cmake now have their SONAME set
identical to those built by autotools.
* Avoid purification stage in [d,s]neupd.f if it requires
division by zero (Closes: gh#opencollab/arpack-ng#58).
2016-07-08 -
- Update to version 3.4.0
* Build system updates
2016-05-31 -
- Update to version 3.3.0
* Rename pdlamch to pdlamch10 to avoid symbol collision with
Scalapack 2.0.2 in MPI context.
* General improvements on the build system.
* libparpack links against libarpack (instead of doing a static
* Reverts using {d,s}lahqr from lapack 2.
* Use dlahqr from lapack 3 instead of dlaqrb.
- Run spec-cleaner.
- Minor improvements in the .spec file.
2014-12-13 -
- Update to version 3.2.0
* See included CHANGES file for details
* Remove obsolete 0001-Do-not-install-test-binaries.patch
2014-01-08 -
- Add baselibs.conf file for multiarch binaries.
2013-12-10 -
- Update to version 3.1.4
* libparpack2: missing dependency on MPI:
* Replace LAPACK second function with ARPACK's own arscnd in PARPACK
* Fix issue #1259 in DSEUPD and SSEUPD
The Ritz vector purification step assumes workl(iq) still contains the
original Q matrix. This is however overwritten by the call to xGEQR2
* Use configure supplied blas and lapack in the pkg-config.
Thanks to Ward Poelmans (Closes: #1320)
* Switch to automake 1.14 + libtool 2.4.2.
Thanks to Ward Poelmans (Closes: #1321)
* dseupd routine may lead to a segmentation fault
Thanks to Edouard Canot (Closes: #1323)
* dsaupd and 'BE' option returns wrong eigenvalues for a SPD matrix
Thanks to Edouard Canot (Closes: #1329)
- enable test suite
- add 0001-Do-not-install-test-binaries.patch to remove useless
test binaries, this removes the whole default arpack-ng package
2013-09-06 -
- Update to version 3.1.3
* Replace depcomp symlink with actual file.
* Replace arpack.pc with proper autotooled
* Add debug.h to TESTS/ sources
* "make dist" is functionnal
* Also build the library "libparpacksrcblacs" (PARPACK/UTIL/BLACS/)
* Wrong call to pdlamch was causing segfaults
* Get rid of the mpif.h occurences in the source code
* Configure detected built-in LAPACK and BLAS, but refused to use them
* Fixed division by zero in smlnum by usind p[d,s]lamch instead of the
2012-08-26 -
- fix source file Url
2012-08-26 -
- fix borken obsoletes/provides in devel package
2012-07-10 -
- version 3.1.1
* Many bug fixes in the parpack lib. It is an old patch from
upstream. Thanks to Viral Shah for pinging us on this subject.
See the PARPACK_CHANGES file for the details.
* Fixed a lack of appropriate bounds check in DNAUP2.
Thanks to Pauli Virtanen for the patch (Closes: #632)
* Update of the doc about TOL in dnaupd.
* Reorder bug fixed when eigenvectors are requested and the
resulting number of converged eigenvalues is less than the
number requested. Patches from Tim Mitchell. (Closes: #664)
- spec file cleanup

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