openlibm-devel - Development files for openlibm

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Distribution openSUSE Tumbleweed
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Package name openlibm-devel
Package version 0.5.5
Package release 20.7
Package architecture i586
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OpenLibm is an implementation of a standalone C mathematical library
(libm). It can be used standalone in applications and programming
language implementations.
This package provides libraries and header files for developing applications
that use OpenLIBM.


Package Version Architecture Repository
openlibm-devel-0.5.5-20.7.x86_64.rpm 0.5.5 x86_64 Science
openlibm-devel-0.5.5-3.1.x86_64.rpm 0.5.5 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
openlibm-devel-0.5.5-3.1.i586.rpm 0.5.5 i586 openSUSE Oss
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Name Value
/usr/bin/pkg-config -
libopenlibm2 = 0.5.5


Name Value
openlibm-devel = 0.5.5-20.7
openlibm-devel(x86-32) = 0.5.5-20.7
pkgconfig(openlibm) = 0.5.5


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Binary Package openlibm-devel-0.5.5-20.7.i586.rpm
Source Package openlibm-0.5.5-20.7.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Science repository:
    # zypper addrepo science
  2. Install openlibm-devel rpm package:
    # zypper install openlibm-devel




2018-02-11 -
- Fix build for armv7l
2018-01-23 -
- Trim bias from description. Fix SRPM group.
2018-01-06 -
- Version 0.5.5
* No changelog available
- Fix build for armv6l armv7l aarch64
2016-05-22 -
- add aarch64, s390 s390x to excluded archs
2016-04-01 -
- Enable ppc64 and ppc64le
- v0.5.0: PowerPC support and many small bugfixes and enhancements
2015-08-13 -
- ExcludeArch: ppc ppc64 ppc64le
2014-08-05 -
- Update to version 0.4
* No changelog available
- Remove obsolute openlibm-build-targets.patch
2014-07-22 -
- Update to version 0.3
* No changelog available
- Add build target for i586
* openlibm-build-targets.patch
- spec file cleanup
2014-03-13 -
- initial import of tagged openlibm-0.2 package from JuliaLang

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