libroot-math-mathmore-devel - Mathmore plugin for ROOT - development files

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Package name libroot-math-mathmore-devel
Package version 5.34.36
Package release 25.9
Package architecture i586
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Category Development/Libraries/Other
License LGPL-2.1+
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The ROOT system provides a set of OO frameworks with all the
functionality needed to handle and analyze large amounts of data
This package contains the MathMore library for ROOT.  This provides
a partial GNU Scientific Library interface for ROOT.


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libroot-math-mathmore-devel-5.34.38-4.8.x86_64.rpm 5.34.38 x86_64 Science
libroot-math-mathmore-devel - - -


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libroot-math-mathmore = 5.34.36


Name Value
libroot-math-mathmore-devel = 5.34.36-25.9
libroot-math-mathmore-devel(x86-32) = 5.34.36-25.9


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Binary Package libroot-math-mathmore-devel-5.34.36-25.9.i586.rpm
Source Package root-5.34.36-25.9.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Science repository:
    # zypper addrepo science
  2. Install libroot-math-mathmore-devel rpm package:
    # zypper install libroot-math-mathmore-devel




2018-01-27 -
- Add systemd service files for Leap 15 and Tumbleweed
2018-01-27 -
- Add patch root-mariadb-10.2.patch to fix compilation with mariadb >= 10.2
mariadb 10.2 has dropped my_global.h which was used by root
2018-01-22 -
- Update root-gcc6.patch to root-gcc7.patch to also fix build for gcc7
2016-07-18 -
- Disable vc, it fails on ppc64 and the static lib is deleted anyway
2016-07-14 -
- Add patch root-gcc6.pach
Fixed compilation with gcc6.
Patch taken from ROOT-8180
2016-04-14 -
- Update to version 5.34.36
* Core
TObject instances allocated as part of an array and made part of a collection, as for example the TCanvas instances into the global list of instances, are not longer deleted if the content of the collection is deleted. Technically the element of the array are now treated by collections as if they have been allocated on the stack. This fixes the issue described at (ROOT-7846).
* I/O
Resolve an issue when space is freed in a large ROOT file and a TDirectory is updated and stored the lower (less than 2GB) freed portion of the file (ROOT-8055).
* Montecarlo
Re-introduced method TPythia6:Pytune()
* TTree
Fix (ROOT-7423) TTreeCache may not stop the learning phase when asynchronous prefetching is enabled.
Fix the issue described in the (following forum post(, where a some order of calls to TTree::Scan and TTree::Write resulted in invalid output.
Repair setting the branch address of a leaflist style branch taking directly the address of the struct. (Note that leaflist is nonetheless still deprecated and declaring the struct to the interpreter and passing the object directly to create the branch is much better).
* Graphics
TGraph::GetHistogram() was resetting the TimeDisplay attribute of axis. The problem was reported here.
When painting a TH3 as 3D boxes, TMarker3DBox ignored the max and min values specified by SetMaximum() and SetMinimum(). The problem was reported here.
When using time format in axis, TGaxis::PaintAxis() may in some cases call strftime() with invalid parameter causing a crash. This problem was reported here.
TASImage When the first or last point of a wide line is exactly on the window limit the line is drawn vertically or horizontally. This problem was mentioned here
Make sure that TLatex text strings containing "\" (ie: rendered using TMathText) produce an output in PDF et SVG files.
New version of libpng (1.2.55) as requested here.
* TNetXNGFileStager
Fix (ROOT-7703) This restores the behavior of Locate() to that found with TXNetFileStager: Rather than return only the xrootd server's reply, the endpoint hostname is looked up and Locate() returns the full url, including the path.
* TWebFile
Fix (ROOT-7809) Returns an error for a redirect which does not specify the new URI, rather than going into a loop.
Fix (ROOT-7817) Avoid a crash under some circumstances when trying to open an invalid path.
Fix TPgSQLStatement::SetBinary to actually handle binary data (previous limited to ascii).
2015-10-04 -
- Update to version 5.34.34 ( version 5.34.31 did not exist)
* I/O
Fix the issue described at (ROOT-7500): crash due to change in base class which versioned derived class.
* TTree
Fix (ROOT-6885) This affects very large TChain with friend trees.
Upgraded to latest JSROOT version 3.8
* RooFit
Patch on behalf of our LHCb P2VV friends.
* Montecarlo
Fix [hack] to support Pythia8 > 200
- Remove root-gcc5-1.patch as it is included in this release
2015-08-06 -
- Fix build with gcc5, add patch root-gcc5-1.patch which will be
included upstream in the next release

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