php5-imagick-devel - Header files for imagick development

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This package contains necessary header files for imagick development.


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php5-imagick-devel-3.4.1-1.23.i586.rpm 3.4.1 i586 PHP Extensions
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php5-imagick-devel = 3.4.1-1.22
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Install Howto

  1. Add the PHP Extensions repository:
    # zypper addrepo php-extensions
  2. Install php5-imagick-devel rpm package:
    # zypper install php5-imagick-devel




2016-06-06 -
- Minimum required versions are now PHP 5.4 and
- Update to version 3.4.1
* Bug 71742 - arrays that contain data that is held by reference gives error.
* Imagick::autoGammaImage([int channel = CHANNEL_ALL])
* Imagick::autoOrient()
* Imagick::compositeImageGravity(Imagick $image, int COMPOSITE_CONSTANT, int GRAVITY_CONSTANT)
* Imagick::localContrastImage(float radius, float strength)
* ImagickDraw::getOpacity() : float
* ImagickDraw::setOpacity(float opacity) :bool
* ImagickDraw::getFontResolution() : array
* ImagickDraw::setFontResolution(float x, float y) : bool
* ImagickDraw::getTextDirection() : bool
* ImagickDraw::setTextDirection(int direction) : bool
* ImagickDraw::getBorderColor() : ImagickPixel
* ImagickDraw::setBorderColor(ImagickPixel color) : bool
* ImagickDraw::getDensity() : string|null
* ImagickDraw::setDensity(string density_string) : bool
* ImagickPixel::setColorFromPixel(ImagickPixel $srcPixel) : bool
- Version 3.4.0
- Added support:
* PHP 7
* ImageMagick 7. Imagick can be compiled against either ImageMagick 6 or ImageMagick 7
However it must be run with the exact same version it was compiled against. Trying
to run Imagick with a different version of ImageMagick than it was compiled against
is not supported. Please see for
more information about ImageMagick 7.
- Minimum versions supported are now PHP >= 5.4.0 and ImageMagick >= 6.5.3-10.
Earlier versions may continue to work, but they are no longer supported.
- Added  methods:
* Imagick::evaluateImages(int EVALUATE_CONSTANT) : Imagick
* Imagick::subImageMatch() added parameters. The signature is now:
Imagick::subimagematch(Imagick subimage[, array &$bestMatch[, float &similarity[,
float $similarity_threshold = 0[, int $metric = ]]]])
These parameters are only used when compiled against ImageMagick 7.
* Imagick::similarityImage() which is an alias to Imagick::subImageMatch()
* Imagick::getConfigureOptions
* Imagick::getFeatures
* Imagick::getHDRIEnabled
* Imagick::setImageChannelMask (IM7 only)
- Added IM7 constants:
- Fixes:
* Imagick::setImageWhitePoint, Imagick::setImageRedPrimary, Imagick::setImageGreenPrimary,
Imagick::setImageBluePrimary now take 3 params when compiled against IM7.
* Imagick::getImageWhitePoint, Imagick::getImageRedPrimary, Imagick::getImageGreenPrimary,
Imagick::getImageBluePrimary now return 3 values when compiled against IM7.
* wrong type for zend_parse_parameters.
* Remove duplicated definitions of class constants.
* Imagick::adaptiveResizeImage, Imagick::cropThumbnailImage Imagick::resizeImage,
Imagick::scaleImage, and Imagick::thumbnailImage have all had a rounding bug fixed.
An additional parameter has been added to each of them, 'bool $legacy'. If legacy
is true, the calculations are done with the small rounding bug that existed in
Imagick before 3.4.0. If false, the calculations should produce the same results as
ImageMagick CLI does.
* Imagick::colorizeImage() and Imagick::tintImage were using the wrong behaviour.
It is now fixed and the legacy behaviour can still be used by passing a 3rd
parameter of `true` to the function to indicate that the legacy behaviour is
* Imagick::importImagePixels regression fixed.
* Imagick::subImageMatch use correct error metric in IM7
* ImagickPixel::getColorQuantum, ImagickPixel::getColorValueQuantum and
ImagickPixel::setColorValueQuantum now correctly use floats when Imagick
was compiled against a HDRI version of ImageMagick
* Imagick::exportImagePixels works for all storage types
* Version number in extension header
2016-01-29 -
- provides php-imagick symbol

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