terminology-theme-dark - Default terminology theme(Dark)

Property Value
Distribution openSUSE Tumbleweed
Repository openSUSE Oss all
Package filename terminology-theme-dark-1.2.1-1.1.x86_64.rpm
Package name terminology-theme-dark
Package version 1.2.1
Package release 1.1
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category System/X11/Terminals
Homepage http://enlightenment.org
License BSD-2-Clause AND OFL-1.1
Maintainer -
Download size 2.54 MB
Installed size 2.76 MB
The default theme for terminology install when using openSUSE branding.


Package Version Architecture Repository
terminology-theme-dark-1.2.1-1.1.i586.rpm 1.2.1 i586 openSUSE Oss
terminology-theme-dark - - -


Name Value
terminology-theme -
terminology-theme-dark = 1.2.1-1.1
terminology-theme-dark(x86-64) = 1.2.1-1.1


Type URL
Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package terminology-theme-dark-1.2.1-1.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package terminology-1.2.1-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install terminology-theme-dark rpm package:

# zypper install terminology-theme-dark




2018-05-17 - avvissu@yandex.by
- Update to 1.2.1:
* Fix focus issues when input was not registering
* User-defined tab titles stay even when terminal wants change it
* Themes no longer have glow effect when unfocused
- Change in 1.2.0:
* New build system based on Meson
* Add Nord theme
* Add tysend tool and support escapes for sending single files
* Grouped input support with Alt+g and Alt+Shift+g
* Different cursor shapes: block (default), underline and bar
* Support REP (Repeat preceding character) escape code
* Support HPA (Horizontal Position Absolute) escape code
* Support encircled escape code (SGR 52)
* Support DECSCUSR (changing cursor shape)
* When grabbing images through gravatar, use https
* Shine level is configurable
* Support EFL 1.20 or newer only
* Approximate true-colors
- Swith to meson
- Replace category defined in the .desktop file
- Spec file cleanup
2017-10-02 - avvissu@yandex.by
- Update to 1.1.1:
* Fix issues with bottom margins
* No longer add spurious newlines in selections in the backlog
* No longer add space when running command from -e option
* Fix -T option to set the title of the window
2017-09-22 - avvissu@yandex.by
- Fix empty debug files on Mageia (add the -g flag)
2017-09-21 - avvissu@yandex.by
- Add _git macro
- Use autogen.sh instead of autoreconf
- Auto-convert icons to hicolor
- Add package with translations
- Replace categories defined
- Add macros: _git, e_branding_version ,icon_theme_cache_post{un},
- Add files: AUTHORS ChangeLog NEWS
- Refresh the list of files
- Fix build on: SLE, Fedora, Mageia
- Spec file cleanup
2017-08-23 - sflees@suse.de
- Update to 1.1.0
* Additions:
* Double-click on tab title to change it
* Add option to disable focus-in/out animations and visuals
* Add option to set current window size as default.
* Support Right/Left Margins
* Support for the DECERA/DECFRA escape codes
* Move cursor to position on Click+Alt
* Add bindings (Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right) to move around panes
* Improvements:
* Fallback to ~ or / when creating new terminal if current directory
is not available
* Support only efl >= 1.8.0
* Harden escape codes decoding
* Update all terms of a window when changing font (name or size)
* Remove teamwork feature
* Fixes:
* Correctly handle the DECOM, DECSTBM, DECSLRM escape codes
* Fix crash when resizing and there are tabs in content
* Fix mouse motion and mouse button reporting
* Set window sizing to 1px-step when having visible tabs
2017-01-26 - sleep_walker@opensuse.org
- bump to 1.0.0
Changes since 0.9.1:
* Bold/Italic support (on by default)
* Add keybinding shift+home to go to the top of the backlog
* Add keybinding shift+end to reset scroll
* Add keybinding shift+left/right to switch between tabs
* Add keybinding ctrl+alt+t to change terminal's title
* Add ability to copy links on right-click menu
* Font size can be changed by escape sequence
* Rewrite link detection to be more efficient
* Sanitize SHELL environment variable when using it
* Fix selections
* Fixes about escape sequences managing tabs
* Many fixes
- suppress errors in build log when edje_cc tries to reach DBus
2015-10-01 - sleep_walker@opensuse.org
- bump to 0.9.1
Changes since 0.9.0:
* Handle Ctrl-[2-8] when tab key bindings are removed
* Fix resizing issue
* Fix solarized theme
- handle lang files correctly

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