sudo-devel - Header files needed for sudo plugin development

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These header files are needed for building of sudo plugins.


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sudo = 1.8.27


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sudo-devel = 1.8.27-1.2
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Install Howto

Install sudo-devel rpm package:

# zypper install sudo-devel




2019-01-13 -
- Update to 1.8.27
* Fixes and clarifications to the sudo plugin documentation
* The sudo manuls no longer require extensive post-processing
* If an I/O logging plugin is configured, sudo will no longer
force the command to be run in a pseudo-tty
* #843 (PAM handling error) correctly fixed.
* In visudo, it's now possible to specify the path to sudoers
without using the -f option (#864)
* Fixed a big introduced in 1.8.22 where utm/p/utmpx would not
be updated when a command was run in a pseudo-tty (#865)
* Sudo now sets the silent flag when opening the PAM session
except when running a shell via sudo -s or sudo -i (#867)
2018-11-17 -
- Update to 1.8.26
* Fixed a bug in cvtsudoers when converting to JSON format
when alias exansion is enabled
* Sudo no longer sets the USERNAME environment variable
when running commands
* Sudo now treats the LOGNAME and USER environment variables
(as well as the LOGIN variable on AIX) as a single unit
* Added support for OpenLDAP TLS_REQCERT setting in ldap.conf
* Sudo now logs when the command was suspended and resumed
in the I/O logs
* Sudo now prints a warning message when there is an error or
end of file while reading the password instead of exiting
* Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.8.25 that prevented sudo
from properly setting the user's groups on AIX.
* The sudoers LDAP back-end now supports negated sudoRunAsUser
and sudoRunAsGroup entries
* Sudo now rpovides a proper error message when the "fqdn"
sudoers option is set and it is unable to resolve the local
host name.
* Sudo now includes sudoers LDAP schema for the on-line config
supported by OpenLDAP
2018-09-19 -
- fix permissions for /var/lib/sudo and /var/lib/sudo/ts
2018-09-18 - Marketa Calabkova <>
- Update to 1.8.25p1
* Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.8.25 that caused a crash on
systems that have the poll() function but not the ppoll()
2018-09-05 - Marketa Calabkova <>
- Update to 1.8.25
* I/O log timing file entries now use a monotonic timer and
include nanosecond precision
* when sudo runs a command in a pseudo-tty, the slave device is
now closed in the main process immediately after starting the
monitor process
* the testsudoers utility now supports querying an LDIF-format
2018-08-21 -
- Update to 1.8.24
* random insults are now more random
* added SUDO_CONV_PREFER_TTY flag for conversation function to
tell sudo to try writing to /dev/tty first
* cvtsudoers can now parse base64-encoded attributes in LDIF
2018-07-12 -
- Build with make -B to make package build reproducible
2018-05-02 -
- Update to 1.8.23
* primarily a bug fix release
* new cvtsudoers utility (replaces sudoers2ldif) and converts
between sudoers formats and perform some basic filtering.
* removed obsolete sudoers2ldif-env.patch
2018-04-16 -
- integrate pam_keyinit pam module [bsc#1081947]
* add sudo-i.pamd PAM configuration file and install it as
* add "session optional revoke" to sudo.pamd and
"session optional force revoke" to sudo-i.pamd
* add "--with-pam-login" build option to enable specific PAM
session for "sudo -i"
- make pam configuration files (noreplace)
- reorganize Sources
2018-04-04 -
- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]

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