submin-apache - Dependencies when using Submin with Apache httpd

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Package release 1.8
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License MIT and GPL-2.0 and Apache-2.0 and BSD-3-Clause and Beerware
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This package collects some dependencies for using Submin with Apache httpd and does not contain any files.


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submin-apache - - -


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apache2-mod_wsgi -
libapr-util1-dbd-sqlite3 -
submin =


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submin-apache =
submin-webui -


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Binary Package submin-apache-
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Install Howto

Install submin-apache rpm package:

# zypper install submin-apache




2015-11-02 -
- License is
MIT and and GPL-2.0 and Apache-2.0 and BSD-3-Clause and Beerware
- package license texts
2015-03-11 -
- submin 2.2.1-1, now supporting git and nginx
- total rework
2010-03-13 -
- update to 1.2.9:
* fixed handling of missing 'path' option in the 'backend' section when creating a trac repository
* fixed handling of Exceptions for the ajax handlers
2009-10-13 -
- update to 1.2.8:
* warn about different subversion versions
* less complex and more verbose traceback in case of errors
- changes from 1.2.7:
* give suggestions to fix permission problems
* sort subdirectories in repository trees
2009-08-05 -
- update to 1.2.6:
* bugfix: allowed dots in usernames and uppercase usernames are not converted to lowercase anymore
2009-03-31 -
- update to 1.2.5:
* improved support for non-ASCII characters in templates
2009-03-21 -
- update to 1.2.4:
* adds support for handling non-ASCII characters in repositories
2009-03-11 -
- use Requires as BuildRequires to make sure we're not building on
a platform that doesn't have the packages that are required at
runtime (given that it's noarch and doesn't perform checks of any
sorts at build/install time)
2009-03-11 -
- initial package

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