storage-fixup - Storage Fixup Script

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Package release 49.10
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License BSD-3-Clause
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storage-fixup executes fixup commands for devices matched using dmi and
hal properties.  This is primarily to adjust too aggressive ATA APM
settings which makes the drive unload its head frequently shortening
its lifespan.


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storage-fixup - - -


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coreutils -
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hdparm -
scsi -
sed -
smartmontools -
systemd -


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config(storage-fixup) = 0.2-49.10
storage-fixup = 0.2-49.10


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Binary Package storage-fixup-0.2-49.10.noarch.rpm
Source Package storage-fixup-0.2-49.10.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install storage-fixup rpm package:

# zypper install storage-fixup




2014-11-19 -
- run spec-cleaner
- add storage-fixup-config.patch with additional harddisk models
- port to systemd
2010-08-26 -
- make exit gracefully if /usr is on NFS
2009-08-27 -
- pmtools got split, update to require dmidecode
- remove exclusivearch again (this is noarch)
2008-12-01 -
- added ExclusiveArch (dependency package pmtools has the same)
2008-11-23 -
- quiet option implemented
- updated config, 3 machines added
2008-10-01 -
- folded patches into tarball
- updated config, 10 machines added
2008-09-16 -
- bugfixes from current git:
- trim keys and properties
- drop superfluous double quotes around $()
- updated config:
- add Dell Vostro 1400, Dell Inspiron 1525, Samsung Q45,
Mac Mini 1,1, Acer Aspire 1690, HP dv9500.
2008-08-19 -
- fix rpmlint errors in the init script
2008-05-28 -
- this fixes bug bnc#386555
- new version 0.2, no longer depends on HAL, License now BSD
2008-05-26 -
- move pm-utils hook to /usr/lib, fix rpmlint warnings

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