slop-devel - Development files for the slop library

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Header files for the slop library.


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libslopy7_4 = 7.4


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slop-devel = 7.4-1.2
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Binary Package slop-devel-7.4-1.2.i586.rpm
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Install Howto

Install slop-devel rpm package:

# zypper install slop-devel




2018-11-07 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to new upstream release 7.4 [boo#1113605]
* Slop now no longer selects shadows around windows in Mutter.
Gone is the annoying arbitrary padding around Gnome windows.
* Users can now supply their own shaders to create neat effects.
Slop allows for chained post-processing shaders. Shaders are
written in a language called GLSL.
* Slop uses EGL now (allowing for fancy rectangles while pulling
the mouse to make a region), and falls back to XShape
2015-09-03 -
- Update to 4.2.19, announce message is here:
2015-07-12 -
- Update to 4.2.18, announce message is here:
2015-07-12 -
- Update to 4.2.17, announce message is here:
- Remove BuildRequires for pkgconfig(xext)
- Add BuildRequires for glm-devel, pkgconfig(gl), pkgconfig(glew),
pkgconfig(glu), pkgconfig(imlib2) and pkgconfig(xrandr)
2015-06-27 -
- Remove v3.1.5.tar.gz, forgotten in previous commit
2015-06-26 -
- Update to 4.1.16, announce message:
Added opacity capabilities. --color now checks for an alpha value,
but it's optional.
Added new option --highlight. Which instead of drawing a border around
the selection, it draws over the selection. Best used with --color
with an alpha set below 1.
Added option --minimumsize and --maximumsize, setting them both to
the same value disables drag selections.
Slop windows now let all events fall through.
Incredibly improved rendering quality and speed, no longer do I
re-size or move windows around. For some reason that's really
expensive in X11...
Slop now outputs the ID of a selected window if any.
Minor bugfixes and adjustments.
- Change Source0 Web URL, to have right slop-4.1.16.tar.gz
- Add BuildRequires for cmake and gengetopt
- Add BuildRoot
- Use %{name} instead of maim
- Add Documentation
- Add %changelog
2014-10-20 -
- slop-3.1.5
2014-10-17 -
- slop-3.1.4

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