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Charis is similar to Bitstream Charter, one of the first fonts designed
specifically for laser printers. It is highly readable and holds up
well in less-than-ideal reproduction environments. It also has a full
set of styles - regular, italic, bold, bold italic - and so is more
useful in general publishing than Doulos SIL. Charis is a serif,
proportionally-spaced font optimized for readability in long printed
The goal for this product was to provide a single Unicode-based font
family that would contain a comprehensive inventory of glyphs needed
for almost any Roman- or Cyrillic-based writing system, whether used
for phonetic or orthographic needs. In addition, there is provision for
other characters and symbols useful to linguists. This font makes use
of state-of-the-art font technologies to support complex typographic
issues, such as the need to position arbitrary combinations of base
glyphs and diacritics optimally.


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Install Howto

Install sil-charis-fonts rpm package:

# zypper install sil-charis-fonts




2015-03-24 -
- Update to version 5.000
* Added Stylistic Sets to the font for OpenType support of
previously Graphite-only features
* Added Character Variants to the font for OpenType support of
previously Graphite-only features
* Added Serbian feature when Serbian language is turned on
* Added hook D variant feature (for U+018A/U+0257)
* Removed "Show deprecated PUA" feature
* Removed ?Romanian-style diacritics? feature (because glyphs are
now encoded)
* Removed ?Diacritic selection? feature
* Added U+039E, U+03BC, U+03C6 and U+03C9 in the Greek and Coptic block
* Added U+0528..U+052F in the Cyrillic Supplement block
* Added U+2041 in the General Punctuation block
* Added U+2095..U+209C in the Superscripts and Subscripts block
* Added U+20B6..U+20BD in the Currency Symbols block
* Added U+210C, U+2113, U+2117, U+212D, U+2135, U+214F in the
Letterlike Symbols block
* Added U+2150..U+2152 and U+2189 in the Number Forms block
* Added U+2226, U+2234..U+2235, U+2262, U+2282..U+2287 in the
Mathematical Operators block
* Added U+2640, U+2642, U+266D, U+266F in the Miscellaneous Symbols block
* Added U+27E8..U+27E9 in the Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A block
* Added U+2C7E..U+2C7F in the Latin Extended-C block
* Added U+2C88 in the Coptic block
* Added U+2E00..U+2E0D, U+2E3A..U+2E3B in the Supplemental Punctuation block
* Added U+A736..U+A73F, U+A742..U+A74D, U+A750..U+A787, U+A790..U+A7AD,
U+A7B0..U+A7B1, U+A7F7..U+A7FA in the Latin Extended-D block. These were
also added to relevant features.
* Added U+A92E in the Kayah Li block (to support the Kayah Li language
when using the Roman script)
* Added U+AB64..U+AB65 in the Latin Extended-E block
* Added U+1D40C, U+1D504..U+1D505, U+1D50A, U+1D50E..U+1D50F, U+1D514,
U+1D516..U+1D517, U+1D519 in the Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols block
* Added PUA characters U+F26C (curl J) and U+F26D (left-hook b)
* Characters in our PUA that were added to Unicode have had their
codepoints updated: F1AD>A7F9, F266>A78E, F26B>A78D, F32C>0526,
F32D>0527, F17B>1DFD, F209>2C70
* These PUA characters were deprecated (now white on black glyphs):
U+F17B, U+F1AD, U+F209, U+F247, U+F248, U+F266, U+F26B, U+F32C, U+F32D
* Deleted U+0149 as it is officially deprecated in Unicode
* Added support for shorter macrons under narrow letters (i,l,r,t).
(This only works for Graphite or using precomposed characters in OpenType.)
* Made it possible for saltillo characters (U+A78B and U+A78C) to "carry" diacritics
* Improved design of U+A722..U+A725 and U+A78D
* Refactored all cedilla positioning
* Removal of unneeded duplicate glyphs (because of improvements in smart font code)
* Bug fix in Graphite code to allow for simultaneous selection of
Vietnamese alternates and Small Caps
* Bug fix in Graphite code to allow for simultaneous selection of
Ogonek alternates and Small Caps
* "Hide tone contour staves" feature now works with single tonebar
* Allowed combining marks to render properly with U+02D0
* Changed postscript names for U+0218 and U+0219
* Changed postscript names for U+2203, U+232A and U+2329
* Improved hinting
* Significant size, position and metric changes made to Subscript and
Superscript parentheses, plus, minus, equals.
* Size of guillemots (U+00AB U+00BB U+2039 U+203A) modified to match
the font. Metrics were not changed.
* Arrowhead design of U+21A8 modified to match the other arrows
* Placement of Ogonek revisited
* Slight modification to positioning of U+0361 and U+035C in Italic and Bold Italic
* Changed the strongly curved hooks on Cyrillic U+04C3..U+04C4,
U+04C7..U+04C8, U+04FC..U+04FD, U+0512..U+0513 to be more consistent
with other hooks
* Modified Cyrillic italic versions of U+04AF, U+04B1, U+04B5, U+04BC
U+04BE, U+04D8
* Modified design of U+A78D to be more curved and less squared
* U+1DBF now follows weight and italic change

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