shp - Like PHP except you write your script in shell script

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Package name shp
Package version 1.0.2
Package release 5.6
Package architecture noarch
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License Apache-2.0
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shp parses and executes SHP scripts in the manner of PHP, except nested
scripts are written in shell scripting language instead of the PHP language.
shp outputs its script file, with nested <?shp ... ?> blocks executed
as shell scripts.


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shp - - -


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/bin/bash -
bash -
coreutils -
gawk -
openssl -


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shp = 1.0.2-5.6


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Binary Package shp-1.0.2-5.6.noarch.rpm
Source Package shp-1.0.2-5.6.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install shp rpm package:

# zypper install shp




2013-01-12 -
- Fix build failures on CentOS, et. al.
2012-11-29 -
- Reformat spec file %description to avoid rpmtlint warning
2012-11-29 -
- Fixes to spec file
+ Specify valid Group: and License: values
+ Specify URL: that doesn't contain any macros
2011-11-16 -
- Fix RPM requirements to unbreak build
2011-11-11 -
- Update to release 1.0.2
+ Ignore any shebang on the first line of input
+ Add new flags --check, --dump, --shell
2011-11-02 -
- Update to release 1.0.1
2011-11-02 -
- Initial commit

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