shaderc - A collection of tools, libraries and tests for shader compilation

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A collection of tools, libraries and tests for shader compilation.
At the moment, included are:
* glslc, a command line compiler for GLSL/HLSL to SPIR-V, and
* libshaderc, a library API for doing the same.
Shaderc wraps around core functionality in glslang and SPIRV-Tools.


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Install Howto

Install shaderc rpm package:

# zypper install shaderc




2018-12-14 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to new upstream release 2018.0
* Support -fhlsl_functionality1 (also -fhlsl-functionality1)
* Support NVIDIA Turing extensions. Requires updated Glslang
and SPIRV-Tools.
* Use SPIR-V optimization and HLSL legalization recipes from
* Pass target environment into SPIRV-Tools code, e.g. from
- -target-env vulkan1.1 .
2018-03-31 -
- Update to version 20180329.g2a0f3a3:
* Use standard SPIRV-Tools transformation recipes
* Locate clang for Linux buildbots. (#446)
* Support setting target environment version, e.g. Vulkan 1.1
* Re-enable the Windows continuous Debug builds. (#444)
* Add build result badges to README. (#439)
* Glslang generator version 6
* Glslang generator version 5
* Update glslc README for -fauto-map-locations
* Add glslc tests for -fauto-map-locations
* Fix setting of debug DLL name for AppVeyor
* Adding kokoro build configurations. (#429)
* AppVeyor packaging: debug DLL name no longer has extra "d"
* Start v2018.0-dev
* Finalize v2017.2
* copyright check: Skip auto-generated CMakeFiles
* Update CHANGES for -fauto-map-locations
* Glslang now requires bindings on resources
* Add -fauto-map-locations option
2018-02-23 -
- Update to version 20180207.g563bc6e:
* Add a virtual destructor, otherwise Clang 6.0complains about delete being called on an abstract class.
* Skip Debug builds for VS 2013 and VS 2015
* Glslang updated its generator version number to 4
* add glslang/MachineIndependent/attribute.cpp
* Make tests resilient to better SPIR-V optimizations
* Travis CI: install pip and set clone depth to 1
* Adapt to Glslang codegen version update
2017-11-23 -
- Update to version 20171030.g98ab88b:
* glslc tests: Relax version word check
* Avoid -fPIC for MinGW builds
* Allow override of SPVTOOLS_LOCAL_PATH
* Move spirv-tools build from third_party/
* Update CHANGES
* Adapt to Glslang generator version number change
* Travis CI: use make to build
* Add HLSL legalization passes to
* Add SPIRV-Tools optimizer files for linker
* Added more opt passes to PassId enum
2017-11-22 -
- Re-add explicit version dependencies
2017-11-20 -
- Drop explicit version dependency on spirv-tools
2017-11-03 -
- init

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