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Provides translations for the "sed" package.


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sed = 4.7


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sed-lang = 4.7-1.1
sed-lang-all = 4.7


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Binary Package sed-lang-4.7-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package sed-4.7-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install sed-lang rpm package:

# zypper install sed-lang




2018-12-21 -
- GNU sed 4.7:
* Fix some fails with \b in the C locale and with the DFA matcher
- ------------------------------------------------------------------
2018-12-20 - Martin Pluskal <>
- Update to version 4.6:
* sed now prints a clear error message when r/R/w/W (and s///w)
commands are missing a filename.
* sed now uses fully-buffered output (instead of line-buffered)
when writing to files.
* sed no longer accesses invalid memory (heap overflow) when
given invalid backreferences in 's' command
* sed no longer adds extraneous NUL when given s/$//n command.
* sed no longer accesses invalid memory (heap overflow) with
s/$//n regexes.
* New option, --debug: print the input sed script in canonical
form and annotate program execution.
- Refresh sed-dont_close_twice.patch
2018-04-14 -
- Make package build reproducible (boo#1040589)
2018-04-01 -
- GNU sed 4.5:
* sed now fails when matching very long input lines (>2GB).
Before, sed would silently ignore the regex without indicating
an error
* sed no longer rejects comments and closing braces after y///
* sed -E --posix no longer ignores special meaning of '+','?','|'
* sed -i now creates selinux context based on the context of the
symlink instead of the symlink target
sed -i --follow-symlinks remains unchanged.
* sed now treats the sequence '\x5c' (ASCII 92, backslash) as
literal backslash character, not as an escape prefix character
2018-02-22 -
- Use %license (boo#1082318)
2017-02-08 -
- Update to version 4.4:
* sed could segfault when invoked with specific combination of
newlines in the input and regex pattern.
2017-01-04 -
- Update to version 4.3:
* sed's regular expression matching is now typically 10x faster
* sed now uses unlocked-io where available, resulting in faster
I/O operations.
* lots of bugfixes (for detailed list see NEWS)
- Drop patches (all upstreamed):
* sed-fix-overlapping-address-ranges.patch
* sed-follow-symlinks-hyphen.patch
* sed-follow-symlinks-stdin.patch
* sed-temp-delete.patch
* sed-y-NUL-RHS.patch
- Spec file cleanups
* run spec-cleaner
* use macro for configure
* execute tests with produced binary as well
* use url for signature as well
* use https for download links
* use xs compressed tarballl
* make building verbose
2015-09-11 -
- Build with ACL/SELinux support for in-place editing
2015-08-25 -
- Cherry picking of the most important fixes from the upstream sed
GIT (not backporting testsuite, as it was completely refactored):
* Fix y command in the RHS of a y/LHS/RHS/ transliteration
* Fix mishandling of overlapping address ranges
* Fix fail to remove a temporary file (sed-temp-delete.patch).
* Fix behavior of --follow-symlinks when reading from stdin
(bnc#933029, gnu#20795, sed-follow-symlinks-stdin.patch).
* Make "sed --follow-symlinks -" consistent with "sed -" again,
and process stdin instead of ./-
(bnc#933029#c6, gnu#20796, sed-follow-symlinks-hyphen.patch).
2014-12-30 -
- build with PIE

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