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TaskJuggler is a modern and powerful, Free and Open Source Software project
management tool. Its new approach to project planing and tracking is more
flexible and superior to the commonly used Gantt chart editing tools.
TaskJuggler is project management software for serious project managers. It
covers the complete spectrum of project management tasks from the first idea
to the completion of the project. It assists you during project scoping,
resource assignment, cost and revenue planing, risk and communication


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Install Howto

Install rubygem-taskjuggler rpm package:

# zypper install rubygem-taskjuggler




2016-03-13 -
- updated to version 3.6.0
see installed CHANGELOG
= Release 3.6.0 (2016-03-12)
== New Features
* Bump version to 3.6.0
* 'headcount' now ignores resources that are marked as unemployed.
* Adding experimental support for 'effortdone' and 'effortleft'
* Ruby 2.1 compatibility fixes
* The sort* report attributes no longer require a scenario id.
* Allow not-yet declared resources for 'managers' and 'responsible'.
* Issue error when uninitialized dates are used in logical expressions.
* Allow tasks with 'booking' and 'scheduled' but without effort.
* New report column 'children' to list all direct children.
== Bug Fixes
* Remove rspec warnings.
* Eliminate warning about duplicate hash entry.
* Fixing a test suite problem with Ruby 2.2.x.
* Fix tj3man crash with Ruby 2.2.2.
* Don't crash when a parent scenario is inactive.
* Improving the documentation of list attributes
* Check that duration values are at least 'timingresolution' long.
* Don't crash on config files with missing sections.
* Use hardcoded tree sorting for MS Project XML.
* Resolve symlinks when constructing lib path.
* Don't crash when unknown property attributes are used in logical expressions.
* Clarifying that trace reports have fixed units and formating.
* gaplength/gapduration now works with onstart/onend of effort tasks
2015-06-19 -
- use new packaging
2013-07-31 -
- updated to version 3.5.0
== New Features
* Only include scenario in error messages when using multiple scenarios.
* Hammock tasks are now supported.
* Adding search field to the online user manual.
* List contended resources and tasks for runaway tasks.
* Queries can now access attributes of parent properties.
* Adding support for new custom attribute type 'number'.
* Add --list-reports option for tj3 similar to tj3client.
* Ruby 2.0 is now the recommended Ruby version.
* Adding 'outputdir' attribute to set output directory for reports.
* 'auxdir' attribute is now also a global attribute.
== Bug Fixes
* Don't crash on 'tj3man -m' command
* Clarify error message when dependency is broken.
* Don't ignore provided start/end date when deps are present.
* Ensure that 'length' considers task 'shifts' as well.
* Fixing some layout issues with Firefox.
* Include optional attributes in export of extended attribute definition.
* Make project freezing work on Windows again.
* Don't ignore bookings for task limits.
* Use proper github link to current repository in manual.
* Don't crash when group resources are made persistent.
* Make gem build work on Ruby 2.0.0
* columns using 'celltext' now show the correct value
* Add new function to test for invalid attribute values in logical expressions.
* Use correct DOCTYPE in HTML5 documents.
* Make spaces after <fcol:...> work in RichText.
* Ensure that times in ICal files are always UTC.
* Added warning for overwriting non-scenario-specific attributes.
* Add link to logical expression page for attributes that use them.
* Clarify description of 'newtask' keyword.
* Don't crash when containers are marked as milestone.
* Include off-hour shading in Gantt charts when end is off chart.
* Adding missing 'turnover' to 'columnid' documentation.

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