ruby2.6-rubygem-stomp-testsuite - Test suite for stomp

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Test::Unit or RSpec files, useful for developers.


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ruby2.6-rubygem-stomp-testsuite-1.4.8-1.3.x86_64.rpm 1.4.8 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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ruby2.6-rubygem-stomp = 1.4.8


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ruby2.6-rubygem-stomp-testsuite = 1.4.8-1.3
ruby2.6-rubygem-stomp-testsuite(x86-32) = 1.4.8-1.3


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Binary Package ruby2.6-rubygem-stomp-testsuite-1.4.8-1.3.i586.rpm
Source Package rubygem-stomp-1.4.8-1.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install ruby2.6-rubygem-stomp-testsuite rpm package:

# zypper install ruby2.6-rubygem-stomp-testsuite




2019-01-14 - Stephan Kulow <>
- updated to version 1.4.8
see installed
[#]# 1.4.8 20181219
* Fix missed merge from 1.4.7 release.
* Add global debug output flag to all unit tests.
2018-12-19 - Stephan Kulow <>
- updated to version 1.4.7
see installed
[#]# 1.4.7 20181210
* Support SSL cert/key in text format.
* Test adjustments for Artemis
* Correct missing variable name
* Fix Ruby 2.6 test indentation warning
2018-11-22 - Stephan Kulow <>
- updated to version 1.4.6
see installed
[#]# 1.4.6 20181105
* Fix broken JRuby support.  Issue #153.
* Rework many tests for JRuby support.
* Add optional debug output to all tests.
[#]# 1.4.5 20181027
* Add option for no timeout on network read
* Lock check of @io.ready for SSL sockets
* Squelch some deprecation warnings
* Address issue #146
* Reintroduce named excepton on nil header
* Environmentally control some debug flags
* Raise named exception on bad server frame
* Attempt to address issue #152
* Eliminate Ruby 2.5 warnings in unit tests
* Major refactor of all gem examples
2017-06-13 -
- updated to version 1.4.4
see installed
[#]# 1.4.4 20170611
* Merge fix for issue 141.
* Fix broken MatReconnectAttempts
* Attempt to detect mismatched SSL port and params.
* Issue 139, add ssl checks to receive timeout logic.
* Eliminate assert_nothing_raised from tests.
* Add Artemis suport to standard test bed.
* Run JRuby tests more easily.
2016-09-10 -
- updated to version 1.4.3
see installed
[#]# 1.4.3 20160821
* Quick fix of install failures.  Do not try to use install 1.4.2.
2016-08-21 -
- updated to version 1.4.2
see installed
[#]# 1.4.2 20160820
* Refine SSL examples.
* Address issue #124 with additional RDOC.
* spec for Stomp::Client - check that headers passed to connection contain
required values as well as given custom and that given hash is not modified.
* Stomp::Client now does not modify given headers hash
* spec description enhancement.
* fix build_subscription_id - symbol and string were mixed up.
* STOMP_TESTSSL flag should enable all SSL tests.
* Add a basic Gemfile.
* Fix a memory leak in receipt implementation.
* Add unit test helper script.
2016-06-24 -
- updated to version 1.4.1
see installed
[#]# 1.4.1 20160623
* Add call to #post_connection_check to normal SSL processing.  This change
further validates the name of the broker connected to.  This change adds to
the current SSL connection processing logic, and is **highly recommended**.  In the
case a client cannot tolerate this logic, it can be disabled by adding
:ssl_post_conn_check => false to the connection hash.
* Fix typo in SSL failure recovery processing.
2016-06-09 -
- updated to version 1.4.0
CHANGELOG.rdoc removed upstream
2016-03-03 -
- updated to version 1.3.5
see installed CHANGELOG.rdoc
== 1.3.5 20160302
* Add AMQ specific durable topic example.
* Output error to stderr only in logger is undefined.
* Move README changelog lower.
* Handle newline at start of receive buffer.
* Use Timeout::timeout instead of deprecated kernel version.
* If socket open on reconnect, close it before new open.
* On misc_err, make error messages more readable.
* Attempt to support both Rspec 2.14.1+ and 3.x.
2015-02-10 -
- updated to version 1.3.4

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