ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby - OpenBSD's bcrypt() password hashing algorithm

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Package filename ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby-3.1.5-4.14.x86_64.rpm
Package name ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby
Package version 3.1.5
Package release 4.14
Package architecture x86_64
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License MIT
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bcrypt() is a sophisticated and secure hash algorithm designed by The
OpenBSD project
for hashing passwords. The bcrypt Ruby gem provides a simple wrapper for
safely handling


Package Version Architecture Repository
ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby-3.1.5-4.14.i586.rpm 3.1.5 i586 openSUSE Oss
ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby - - -


Name Value
ruby(abi) = 2.6.0
rubygem(ruby:2.6.0:bcrypt) >= 3.1.3


Name Value
ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby = 3.1.5-4.14
ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby(x86-64) = 3.1.5-4.14
rubygem(bcrypt-ruby) = 3.1.5
rubygem(ruby:2.6.0:bcrypt-ruby) = 3.1.5
rubygem(ruby:2.6.0:bcrypt-ruby:3) = 3.1.5
rubygem(ruby:2.6.0:bcrypt-ruby:3.1) = 3.1.5
rubygem(ruby:2.6.0:bcrypt-ruby:3.1.5) = 3.1.5


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Binary Package ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby-3.1.5-4.14.x86_64.rpm
Source Package rubygem-bcrypt-ruby-3.1.5-4.14.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby rpm package:

# zypper install ruby2.6-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby




2014-10-13 -
- adapt to new rubygem packaging
2014-02-22 -
- updated to version 3.1.5
- Add support for Ruby 2.1 in compiled Windows binaries
- Rename gem from "bcrypt-ruby" to just "bcrypt". [GH #86 by @sferik]
2014-02-15 -
- add ruby-devel buildrequires
2014-01-20 -
- use new macros
2013-08-30 -
- updated to version 3.1.2
- Add support for Ruby 1.8 and 2.0 (in addition to 1.9) in compiled Windows binaries
- Add support for 64-bit Windows
2013-07-30 -
- updated to version 3.1.1
- Add BCrypt::Password.valid_hash?(str) to check if a string is a valid bcrypt password hash
- BCrypt::Password cost should be set to DEFAULT_COST if nil
- Add BCrypt::Engine.cost attribute for getting/setting a default cost externally
- Remove support for Ruby 1.8 in compiled win32 binaries
2012-08-01 -
- updated to version 3.0.1
2012-07-31 -
- use new gem2rpm to provide new provisions
2012-01-18 -
- also add single digit provides
2011-08-31 -
- update to 3.0.0

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