ruby-common - Collection of scripts and macros for ruby packaging

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This package is needed for (generated) ruby gems. It provides hooks for
automatic rpm provides and requires and macros that gem2rpm uses.


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config(ruby-common) = 2.6-1.1
ruby-common = 2.6-1.1
ruby-macros = 5


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Install Howto

Install ruby-common rpm package:

# zypper install ruby-common




2019-02-07 - Marcus Rueckert <>
- rails.macros: add macro to fix ruby shebang line
2019-02-07 - Marcus Rueckert <>
- rails.macros: always use ./bin/* stubs for calling binaries
2019-01-30 - Marcus Rueckert <>
- do not try to delete git files in the rails macros
2018-12-21 - Marcus Rueckert <>
- --no-rdoc/--no-ri are obsolete in, if we get it passed in convert
them to --no-document
2018-06-06 -
- rename the gem_packages template from opensuse.spec.erb to
- add support for binary_map flag in gem2rpm.yml
- This can be used to rename the _unversioned_ symlink of the
binaries in /usr/bin/ to avoid conflicts with other packages
- gem_packages.spec.erb: sync with file in gem2rpm
2018-01-24 -
- generate bundled(rubygem($name)) = $version provides for bundled
gems in the vendor directory.
2017-12-12 -
- switch requires of the autogenerated subpackages from
rb_suffix-rubygem-gemname = version to
rubygem(rb_abi:gemname) = version
2017-11-30 -
- split our the rails part
2017-11-30 -
- we need bundler now. given ruby 2.5 will have it intree anyway,
this soon wont be a big burden.
2017-11-30 -
- add support to generate requires from Gemfile.lock

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