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A free, open-source tool for Windows, Mac OS and UNIX for
getting news from RSS feeds in email. It is a simple program which you
can run in your crontab.  It watches RSS feeds and sends you nicely
formatted email message for each new item.


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rss2email - - -


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/usr/bin/python3 -
python(abi) = 3.7
python3 -
python3-feedparser -
python3-html2text -
python3-xml -


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rss2email = 3.9-2.4


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Binary Package rss2email-3.9-2.4.noarch.rpm
Source Package rss2email-3.9-2.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install rss2email rpm package:

# zypper install rss2email




2017-04-05 -
- switch requires from outdated python3-distribute to setuptools
2014-09-02 -
- update to v3.9 (2014-09-01)
* Catch and error out if a user adds a feed with a duplicate name.
* Split sender into both sendmail's -F and -f.
* Fix an error with SMTPConnectionError inheritance order ("does not
take keyword arguments").
* Add a new `smtp-ssl-protocol` setting, to select acceptable
protocols for SMTP connections.
* Fix non-compliant User-Agent header for HTTP/1.1.
* Fix an error in the NoToEmailAddress invocation.
* Add a new 'trust-link' setting, to prefer the 'link' attribute over
the 'id' attribute for identifying entries.
2014-02-02 -
- license update: GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0
This is a dual license of either GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0. It does not allow
updating to beyond GPL-3.0
2014-01-20 -
- updated to v3.8 (2014-01-18)
* Sluggify feed names on opmlimport.
* Allow Unicode letters and digits in feed names, instead of just ASCII lettters and digits.
2013-10-11 -
- updated to version 3.7
* Fix fallback for titles that contain malformed HTML [1].
* Fix atomic saves to avoid garbling config and data files if the
disk is full [2].  Reported by Etienne Millon [3,4].
* Convert the `friendly-name` boolean to the new `name-format`
setting.  This allow users to customize how the friendly name is
constructed [5].  Requested by Joey Hess [6,7].
* Demote guessed encodings logs from 'error' to 'warning' [8].
Patch by J. Lewis Muir [9,10].
2013-09-20 -
- updated to version 3.6
Changes since 3.5 (from CHANGELOG)
v3.6 (2013-09-09)
* Fix missing port argument for IMAPAuthenticationError.
* Fix `<div id="entry>` syntax error in HTML mail.
2013-06-06 -
- updated to version 3.5
Changes since 3.4 (from CHANGELOG)
v3.5 (2013-06-05)
* Added digest generation and post-processing hooks.
* Fix html2text configuration (ignored since 2012-10-04).
* Fix opmlexport crash due to orphaned feed data.
* Use feed names in OPML 'text' attributes.
2013-05-14 -
- updated to version 3.4
Changes since 3.3 (from CHANGELOG)
v3.4 (2013-05-14)
* Added post-processing hooks for user-specified message manipulation.
* Added settings for IMAP delivery. The old `use-smtp` boolean has
been replaced by a new `email-protocol` setting. Non-IMAP users
should adjust their configuration to set `email-protocol`
to either `sendmail` or `smtp`.
2013-04-14 -
- updated to version 3.3
Changes since 3.2 (from CHANGELOG):
v3.3 (2013-04-13)
* Fix SMTP message submission logic.
* Fix error inheritence (super() calls).
* Convert html2text parsing errors to `ProcessingError`s.
* Cleanup html2text error handling.
* Drop Google Reader rel-via manipulation.
* Drop the wrapping <table> elements from HTML mail
2013-03-14 -
- updated to verson 3.2
Changes since 3.1 (from the CHANGELOG):
* Use extended interpolation in configuration files, to allow percent
signs (%).
* Added .as_string() fallback to email flattening (only used if
`use-smtp = False` and `use-8bit = True`).
* Added sendmail configuration option.  Change this if you want to use
an alternative, sendmail-compatible mailer.

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