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Package version 1.3.4
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Provides translations for the "remmina" package.


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remmina-lang - - -


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remmina = 1.3.4


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remmina-lang = 1.3.4-2.1
remmina-lang-all = 1.3.4


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Binary Package remmina-lang-1.3.4-2.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package remmina-1.3.4-2.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install remmina-lang rpm package:

# zypper install remmina-lang




2019-03-13 - Felix Zhang <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.4
* Updated to use core18 and gnome-3-28-1804 !1797
* Snap: Build snap in CI and publish to the edge channel for
builds against master !1810
* Resolve "SSH public key cannot be imported: Access denied for
'none'. Authentication that can continie: publickey" !1811
* snap: Ensure the icon is installed !1812
2019-02-28 - Johannes Weberhofer <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.3.3
* Fix ?Utranslated? typo + XHTML 1.0 strictness + move div CSS rule in style block
* Revert autoclosed <script> tags. It seems to be badly surported
* Remmina connection window refactoring
* Adding Serial and parallel ports sharing
* RemminaMain window refactoring - Removing deprecated functions.
* Fix #1836 implementing the correct message panel when authenticating
* Make ssh tunnel pwd user manageable and public key import
* Fix Yes/No inversion
* Updated translations: de, zh_CN, it, fr, tr, da, it
2019-02-01 -
- Upgraded to 1.3.2 (boo#1123452, boo#1103557)
* Change rcw size allocation wait algorithm, see issue #1809
* Fix a couple of VNCI crashes, see issue #1821
* Fix spice authentication, issue #1820
* Update translations script fixes
* Add a missing end point in an SSH error message
* Translation Updates: fr, it
* Cosmetic fixes
2019-01-29 -
- Removed upstream patch remmina-1.3.0-removed-edit-delete.patch
- Upgraded to 1.3.1
* fixed several typograpic errors
* fixed VNC clipboard bug
* Translations updated: en, de, tr, ru, it, es
* Translations for SSH error messages
* Performance improvement
* Improved CSS Styles
* rcw fixes
* fix scrolling in fullscreen mode
* fixed several issues
2019-01-22 -
- Added remmina-1.3.0-removed-edit-delete.patch from upstream to
exclude edit-delete.svg causing a conflict with kaffeine.
2019-01-18 -
- Upgraded to 1.3.0
* Use window resolution
* rcw_preopen complete
* RDP: new global parameter rdp_map_keycode
* Use decimal instead of hex on rdp keycode map
* Updated translations
* Adding language detection
* Auth panel widget placement
* CSS modifications to adapt to stock Gnome and Gtk themes
* Updated CSS to have black background in fullscreen
* Gtk deprecation and CSS restzling
* Gtk icon cache update during install phase
* Correctly set focus after rcw_preopen
* Icons and gtk fixes for rcw_reopen
* Deprecates dynamic_resolution_width and height cfg params
* Disable glyph cache by default
* Fix crash when showing password panel
* Fix crash when showing password panel
* allow closing tab after error message panel is shown
* Remove deprecated floating toolbar toplevel window
* Fixed missing icons
* Make menu items paintable by the application
* Open connection window before connecting
* Prevent toolbar signals while reconfiguring toolbar
* Update toolbar button handling
* Added xrdp friendly options, the "Relax Order Checks" and
"Glyph Cache" options  are required for connections to xrdp
servers (boo#1125549, boo#1129319)
* RDP fixes: remove redundant rfi->width/rfi->height and more
* RDP: correctly destroy rfi->surface during a desktop resize
* RDP: move gdi_resize() to a better place
* RDP: remove unneeded OrderSupport struct init
* VNC: Fix possible crash during connection
* Search box clear icon
* Updated and
* Updated sponsor list
* Updated wiki URLs
* Updating coyright for year 2019
2018-11-20 -
- Upgraded to
* Add desktop-gnome-platform and fix themes in SNAP
* Implement smartcard name setting
* man+help: elaborate on file types of -connect and -edit cmd line options
* Removing X11Forwarding code as it is wrong and causing issues
* Updated turkish translation

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