realmd - AD integration detection

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This packages contains realmd.
Realmd is an on demand system DBus service, which allows
callers to configure network authentication and domain
membership in a standard way. realmd discovers information
about the domain or realm automatically and does not require
complicated configuration in order to join a domain or realm.
realmd configures sssd or winbind to do the actual network
authentication and user account lookups.


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realmd-0.16.3-1.7.i586.rpm 0.16.3 i586 openSUSE Oss
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config(realmd) = 0.16.3-1.7
realmd = 0.16.3-1.7
realmd(x86-64) = 0.16.3-1.7


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Binary Package realmd-0.16.3-1.7.x86_64.rpm
Source Package realmd-0.16.3-1.7.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install realmd rpm package:

# zypper install realmd




2017-07-19 -
and resolved.
2016-12-16 -
- update to 0.16.3
- some minor package tweaks
- Add rpmlint filter for polkit error - A temp fix until security
review is completed.
2016-05-20 -
- update to 0.16.2
* Be more liberal with domain name chars
* Increase timeout when calling PackageKit
* List package names with spaces between them [#89464]
* Install to $prefix/lib instead of $libdir
+ 0.16.1
* libsystemd build fix [#90519]
* Change default home directory to /home/%U@%D
* Add --automatic-id-mapping=no command line argument
+ 0.16.0
* Disable automatic AD joins by default [#89205]
* Validate text we receive from LDAP
* Prefer adcli for AD joins
* Remove hard dependency on PackageKit
* Fix crash when empty password is used with realm client
2015-04-22 -
- update to 0.16.0
* Disable automatic AD joins unless explicitly configured to
do so. This guarantees that mutual trust is established with
a domain that you are joining.
* Validate textual data discovered via LDAP before using them
in configuration files like samba.conf and sssd.conf
2015-02-08 -
- update to 0.15.2
* Bugfix release
* systemd support
* automake 1.14 support
2014-03-25 -
- Upgrade to 0.14.5
Bugfix release
2013-05-16 -
- Add docs and cleanup some build warnings
2013-05-15 -
- Check in 0.14.1

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