readline-doc - Documentation how to Use and Program with the Readline Library

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This package contains the documentation for using the readline library
as well as programming with the interface of the readline library.


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Install Howto

Install readline-doc rpm package:

# zypper install readline-doc




2019-01-09 - Dr. Werner Fink <>
- Update to readline-8.0 final
2018-12-21 - Dr. Werner Fink <>
- Update to readline-8.0-rc1 for testing
2018-11-29 - Dr. Werner Fink <>
- Update to readline-8.0-beta2 for testing
j. Readline now allows application-defined keymap names; there is a new public
function, rl_set_keymap_name(), to do that.
k. The "Insert" keypad key, if available, now puts readline into overwrite
- Port and modify patches
* readline-6.2-metamode.patch
* readline-6.3-input.dif
* readline-7.0-screen.patch
* readline-8.0.dif
2018-09-28 - Dr. Werner Fink <>
- Rework patch readline-7.0-screen.patch
2018-09-20 - Dr. Werner Fink <>
- Update to readline-8.0-beta for testing
a. Non-incremental vi-mode search (`N', `n') can search for a shell pattern, as
Posix specifies (uses fnmatch(3) if available).
b. There are new `next-screen-line' and `previous-screen-line' bindable
commands, which move the cursor to the same column in the next, or previous,
physical line, respectively.
c. There are default key bindings for control-arrow-key key combinations.
d. A negative argument (-N) to `quoted-insert' means to insert the next N
characters using quoted-insert.
e. New public function: rl_check_signals(), which allows applications to
respond to signals that readline catches while waiting for input using
a custom read function.
f. There is new support for conditionally testing the readline version in an
inputrc file, with a full set of arithmetic comparison operators available.
g. There is a simple variable comparison facility available for use within an
inputrc file. Allowable operators are equality and inequality; string
variables may be compared to a value; boolean variables must be compared to
either `on' or `off'; variable names are separated from the operator by
h. The history expansion library now understands command and process
substitution and extended globbing and allows them to appear anywhere in a
i. The history library has a new variable that allows applications to set the
initial quoting state, so quoting state can be inherited from a previous
- Remove not used patch readline-6.2-endpw.dif
- Port and modify patches
* readline-5.2-conf.patch
* readline-6.2-metamode.patch
* readline-6.2-xmalloc.dif
* readline-6.3-destdir.patch
* readline-6.3-input.dif
* readline-6.3-rltrace.patch
* readline-7.0-screen.patch
- Port and rename patch readline-7.0.dif which is now readline-8.0.dif
- Modify baselibs.conf
2018-06-13 -
- Add patch readline-7.0-screen.patch to be able to parse settings
in inputrc for all screen TERM variables starting with "screen."
to fix boo#1095661
2018-03-18 -
- Update descriptions. Replace old $RPM_* vars with macros.
2018-03-16 -
- Apply the upstream patches as well!!!
2018-03-16 -
- Avoid self Provides/Obsoletes
2018-03-16 -
- Rename basic package to readline to have the latest readline
version always within package readline again.

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