quota-nfs - Disk Quota System on NFS

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Distribution openSUSE Tumbleweed
Repository openSUSE Oss all
Package filename quota-nfs-4.05-1.1.x86_64.rpm
Package name quota-nfs
Package version 4.05
Package release 1.1
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category System/Filesystems
Homepage http://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxquota/
License GPL-2.0-only
Maintainer -
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The quotad init script, which provides quota support on NFS mounts.


Package Version Architecture Repository
quota-nfs-4.05-1.1.i586.rpm 4.05 i586 openSUSE Oss
quota-nfs - - -


Name Value
coreutils -
diffutils -
fillup -
grep -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.7)(64bit) -
libtirpc.so.3()(64bit) -
libtirpc.so.3(TIRPC_0.3.0)(64bit) -
libwrap.so.0()(64bit) -
nfs-kernel-server -
quota = 4.05
rpcbind -
sysconfig -
systemd -


Name Value
quota-nfs = 4.05-1.1
quota-nfs(x86-64) = 4.05-1.1


Type URL
Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package quota-nfs-4.05-1.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package quota-4.05-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install quota-nfs rpm package:

# zypper install quota-nfs




2019-04-02 - Tomá? Chvátal <tchvatal@suse.com>
- Install the license
2019-04-01 - Tomá? Chvátal <tchvatal@suse.com>
- Update to 4.05 release jsc#SLE-5734:
* This release includes mostly various smaller cleanups and fixes
in various areas.
* Most visible changes are addition of f2fs and exfs among recognized
- Drop merged patch quota-4.04-Listen-on-a-TCP-socket.patch
- Remove quot binary functionality could be achieved by using
repquota instead
2018-08-15 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Add patch to fix high cpu load bsc#1104898:
* quota-4.04-Listen-on-a-TCP-socket.patch
2018-03-12 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Add rpcgen to buildrequires
2018-03-10 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Version update to 4.04 jsc#SLE-5734:
* support for new kernel interface that allows for repquota(8) to work
reliably also for XFS or ext4 with quota feature and generally other
filesystem where quota files are not available to quota-tools
* IPv6 support for rpc.quotad and all other tools.
* Tons of various fixes
- Drop merged patch 0001-Set-fPIC-and-pie-as-default-params-when-building.patch
2017-11-23 - rbrown@suse.com
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
%_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
2017-09-04 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Enable ldapmail feature wrt bsc#1055450
2016-01-05 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Add patch to set variables upstream rather than in spec:
* 0001-Set-fPIC-and-pie-as-default-params-when-building.patch
2016-01-04 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Version update to 4.03 release
* Various small updates and fixes
* Translations update
* autotools based buildsystem
- Refresh patch:
* quota-4.01-warnquota.patch
- Delete obsolete patch:
* quota-4.00-makefile.patch
2014-11-28 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Version bump to 4.02 release
* Mostly few trivial fixes.
- Properly run all systemd calls on services

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