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pycodestyle is a tool to check your Python code against some of the style
conventions in `PEP 8`.
This package used to be called ``pep8`` but was renamed to ``pycodestyle``
to reduce confusion.


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python(abi) = 3.7


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python3-pep8 = 2.5.0
python3-pycodestyle = 2.5.0-1.1


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python3-pep8 < 2.5.0


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Binary Package python3-pycodestyle-2.5.0-1.1.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

Install python3-pycodestyle rpm package:

# zypper install python3-pycodestyle




2019-01-31 - John Vandenberg <>
- update to version 2.5.0
* New checks:
+ E117: Over-indented code blocks
+ W505: Maximum doc-string length only when configured with --max-doc-length
* Changes:
+ Remove support for EOL Python 2.6 and 3.3. PR #720.
+ Add E117 error for over-indented code blocks.
+ Allow W605 to be silenced by `# noqa` and fix the position reported by W605
+ Allow users to omit blank lines around one-liner definitions of classes and
+ Include the function return annotation (``->``) as requiring surrounding
whitespace only on Python 3
+ Verify that only names can follow ``await``. Previously we allowed numbers
and strings.
+ Add support for Python 3.7
+ Fix detection of annotated argument defaults for E252
+ Correct the position reported by W504
- Removed comp_w_changes_tokenize.patch as it was merged into version 2.5.0
2018-10-02 - Mat?j Cepl <>
- Add comp_w_changes_tokenize.patch to make tests more stable
2018-08-08 -
- Really run tests
- Drop devel dependency
- Fix provides/obsoletes for pep8
2018-04-11 -
- specfile:
* update copyright year
- update to version 2.4.0:
* New checks:
+ Add W504 warning for checking that a break doesn?t happen after
a binary operator. This check is ignored by default. PR #502.
+ Add W605 warning for invalid escape sequences in string
literals. PR #676.
+ Add W606 warning for ?async? and ?await? reserved keywords being
introduced in Python 3.7. PR #684.
+ Add E252 error for missing whitespace around equal sign in type
annotated function arguments with defaults values. PR #717.
* Changes:
+ An internal bisect search has replaced a linear search in order
to improve efficiency. PR #648.
+ pycodestyle now uses PyPI trove classifiers in order to document
supported python versions on PyPI. PR #654.
+ ?setup.cfg? ?[wheel]? section has been renamed to
?[bdist_wheel]?, as the former is legacy. PR #653.
+ pycodestyle now handles very long lines much more efficiently
for python 3.2+. Fixes #643. PR #644.
+ You can now write ?pycodestyle.StyleGuide(verbose=True)? instead
of ?pycodestyle.StyleGuide(verbose=True, paths=[?-v?])? in order
to achieve verbosity. PR #663.
+ The distribution of pycodestyle now includes the license text in
order to comply with open source licenses which require this. PR
+ ?maximum_line_length? now ignores shebang (?#!?) lines. PR #736.
+ Add configuration option for the allowed number of blank
lines. It is implemented as a top level dictionary which can be
easily overwritten. Fixes #732. PR #733.
* Bugs:
+ Prevent a ?DeprecationWarning?, and a ?SyntaxError? in future
python, caused by an invalid escape sequence. PR #625.
+ Correctly report E501 when the first line of a docstring is too
long. Resolves #622. PR #630.
+ Support variable annotation when variable start by a keyword,
such as class variable type annotations in python 3.6. PR #640.
+ pycodestyle internals have been changed in order to allow
?python3 -m cProfile? to report correct metrics. PR #647.
+ Fix a spelling mistake in the description of E722. PR #697.
+ ?pycodestyle ?diff? now does not break if your ?gitconfig?
enables ?mnemonicprefix?. PR #706.
2017-05-06 -
- Don't provide python2-pep8, singlespec packages should use
correct name.
2017-03-24 -
- update for singlespec
- rename from pep8 to pycodestyle
- delete shebang from
- update to version 2.3.1
* renamed from pep8 to pycodestyle
* removed use of project-level .pep8 config file
* updated code style, added new warnings
2016-08-15 -
- Fix update-alternatives implementation.
2016-01-13 -
- Implement update-alternatives

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