python3-gprof2dot - Script to generate a dot graph from the output of several profilers

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Package filename python3-gprof2dot-2017.9.19-3.2.noarch.rpm
Package name python3-gprof2dot
Package version 2017.9.19
Package release 3.2
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Development/Languages/Python
License LGPL-3.0-or-later
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Download size 60.04 KB
Installed size 269.95 KB is a Python script to convert the output from many
profilers into a dot graph.


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python3-gprof2dot - - -


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/usr/bin/python3 -
python(abi) = 3.7


Name Value
python3-gprof2dot = 2017.9.19-3.2


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Binary Package python3-gprof2dot-2017.9.19-3.2.noarch.rpm
Source Package python-gprof2dot-2017.9.19-3.2.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install python3-gprof2dot rpm package:

# zypper install python3-gprof2dot




2019-01-09 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Use noun phrase in summary.
2018-12-04 - Matej Cepl <>
- Remove superfluous devel dependency for noarch package
2018-05-16 -
- Update to version 2017.9.19
* Update password.
* Ignore # comments anywhere on callgrind files.
* Skip header '# callgrind format' if any.
* Improved profile pruning abilities
* Avoid ZipFile open mode 'U'.
* Make assertion check robust against computational inaccuracies.
* Truncate function names to avoid labels larger than 16Kb.
* Update for changes if perf output.
* Fix printing output on stdout in Python 3.5.1.
* Prevent ZeroDivisionError when options.colour_nodes_by_selftime is set
* Scale node weights when coloring nodes by selftime
* Add colour-nodes-by-selftime option
* Ranking of cycle functions
* Improve implementation of Tarjan's algorithm to search for cycles.
- Implement single-spec version
2016-05-03 -
- update to version 2015.12.01
no changelog available
2014-06-26 -
- initial build: 2014.03.12

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