python3-cotyledon - A framework for defining long-running services

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Package version 1.7.3
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Cotyledon provides a framework for defining long-running services.


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python3-cotyledon - - -


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python(abi) = 3.7
python3-setproctitle -


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python3-cotyledon = 1.7.3-2.1


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Binary Package python3-cotyledon-1.7.3-2.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package python-cotyledon-1.7.3-2.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install python3-cotyledon rpm package:

# zypper install python3-cotyledon




2019-03-23 - Dirk Mueller <>
- skip functional tests (take very long to execute)
2019-03-07 - Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 1.7.3:
* No upstream changelog
- Remove merged fix_arm.patch
2018-11-28 - Guillaume GARDET <>
- Add patch to fix random test failure on ARM:
* fix_arm.patch
2018-10-12 - Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update dependencies based on upstream
- Update to 1.7.1:
* No obvious changelog except of git log
- Use py3 to generate documentation
- Run tests on all python variants
2018-07-14 -
- rpmlint: avoid repeating name in summary
2018-07-09 -
- switch to single-spec
2017-08-25 -
- update to 1.6.8:
* Fix terminate when workers fail to start
* We don't care about child status when we exit
* setup.cfg: Remove useless section
* Fix a typo in service_manager docstring
* Check user input
* Increase 'fork too fast' sleep time
* Fix sigchld for window
* Use sigchld instead of polling children
* Update sphinx
* reduce cpu usage
* Reword README
* Fix forking too fast code
* doc: Add note about futurist
* Switch doc to rtd theme
* doc enhancement
* doc: hooks and window note
* always run signal handling in main thread
* window: Don't fail is the app use oslo.config
* tests: fix py35
* tests: add a basic workflow for window
* tests/doc/window: oslo.config limitation
* tests: Don't use stdout
* window: clarify SIGTERM/SIGALRM/SIGBREAK state
* tests: window failfast
* tests: Don't use signal 0
* window: Fix signals for children
* tests: skip sighup tests
* tests: fixing logging on window
* fixing import order
* Make option mutable
* Add supports
* doc: Add some non-posix note
* Close useless child pipe()
* simplify the dead worker detection/restarting
* doc: Add some non-posix note
* add some py3 note
* Bump the major version for the non-posix support
* workaround killpg on non-posix platform
* Simplify the running_services structure
* Fix signal handling for windows
* Make setproctitle optional for windows
* Ignore setsid AttributeError on windows
* Remove usage of os.waitpid
* Use multiprocessing.Process instead of fork
2016-10-12 -
- update to 1.5.0:
* Rework the oslo_config_glue
* Implement sigalarm for servicemanager
* Allow to register multiple hooks
* Add on_new_worker hooks
* Improve tests output and run doc8
* Tests: fix tests cleanup
* Remove unused file
* Improve docs
* Split code base
* Allow to register terminate/reload hooks
* Share signals implementation
* Allows to reconfigure a service
* Revert "limit EINTR exception"
* Don't wait for reload if terminate/reload already run
* limit EINTR exception
* Handle SIGALRM like other signals
* set proc title for master process
* doc: add some clarification
* Rework signal handlers
* Fixup code blocks
* fix sporadic test failure
* Set default python interpreter version to 3.5
2016-07-15 -
- Add initial version (1.2.6) of cotyledon package

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