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attrs is an MIT-licensed Python package with class decorators that ease the
chores of implementing the most common attribute-related object protocols.
You just specify the attributes to work with and attrs gives you:
- a nice human-readable __repr__,
- a complete set of comparison methods,
- an initializer,
- and much more
without writing dull boilerplate code again and again.
This gives you the power to use actual classes with actual types in your code
instead of confusing tuples or confusingly behaving namedtuples.
So put down that type-less data structures and welcome some class into your
python-attrs is the successor to python-characterstic


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python(abi) = 3.7


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python3-attrs = 19.1.0-1.1


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Binary Package python3-attrs-19.1.0-1.1.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

Install python3-attrs rpm package:

# zypper install python3-attrs




2019-03-04 - Ond?ej Súkup <>
- update to 19.1.0
* Fixed a bug where deserialized objects with cache_hash=True could have
incorrect hash code values
* Add is_callable, deep_iterable, and deep_mapping validators.
* Fixed stub files to prevent errors raised by mypy's
disallow_any_generics = True option.
* Attributes with init=False now can follow after kw_only=True attributes.
* attrs now has first class support for defining exception classes.
* Clarified documentation for hashing to warn that hashable objects should
be deeply immutable
2018-12-06 - Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Fix fdupes call
2018-09-01 -
- specfile:
- removed devel from noarch package
- be more specific in %files section
- update to version 18.2.0:
* Deprecations
+ Comparing subclasses using "<", ">", "<=", and ">=" is now
deprecated.  The docs always claimed that instances are only
compared if the types are identical, so this is a first step to
conform to the docs.  Equality operators ("==" and "!=") were
always strict in this regard.  issue 394
* Changes
+ "attrs" now ships its own PEP 484 type hints.  Together with
mypy's "attrs" plugin, you've got all you need for writing
statically typed code in both Python 2 and 3!  At that occasion,
we've also added `narrative docs` about type annotations in
"attrs".  issue #238
+ Added *kw_only* arguments to "attr.ib" and "attr.s", and a
corresponding *kw_only* attribute to "attr.Attribute".  This
change makes it possible to have a generated "__init__" with
keyword-only arguments on Python 3, relaxing the required
ordering of default and non-default valued attributes.  issues #281, #411
+ The test suite now runs with "hypothesis.HealthCheck.too_slow"
disabled to prevent CI breakage on slower computers. issues
[#364], #396
+ "attr.validators.in_()" now raises a "ValueError" with a useful
message even if the options are a string and the value is not a
string. issue #383
+ "attr.asdict()" now properly handles deeply nested lists and
dictionaries. issue #395
+ Added "attr.converters.default_if_none()" that allows to replace
"None" values in attributes.  For example
"attr.ib(converter=default_if_none(""))" replaces "None" by
empty strings. issues #400, #414
+ Fixed a reference leak where the original class would remain
live after being replaced when "slots=True" is set. isue #407
+ Slotted classes can now be made weakly referenceable by passing
"@attr.s(weakref_slot=True)". issue #420
+ Added *cache_hash* option to "@attr.s" which causes the hash
code to be computed once and stored on the object. issue #425
+ Attributes can be named "property" and "itemgetter" now. issue
+ It is now possible to override a base class' class variable
using only class annotations. issue #431

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