python2-targetcli-fb - A command shell for managing the Linux LIO kernel target

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Package version 2.1.49
Package release 3.1
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License Apache-2.0
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targetcli-fb is a command-line interface for configuring the LIO generic
SCSI target, present in 3.x Linux kernel versions.
targetcli-fb is a fork of the "targetcli" code written by RisingTide Systems.
The "-fb" differentiates between the original and this version. Please ensure
to use either all "fb" versions of the targetcli components -- targetcli,
rtslib, and configshell, or stick with all non-fb versions, since they are
no longer strictly compatible.


Package Version Architecture Repository
python2-targetcli-fb - - -


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/usr/bin/python2 -
python(abi) = 2.7
python2-configshell-fb -
python2-dbus-python -
python2-rtslib-fb -
python2-six -
targetcli-fb-common -
update-alternatives -


Name Value
python-targetcli-fb = 2.1.49-3.1
python2-targetcli-fb = 2.1.49-3.1


Name Value
python-targetcli-fb < 2.1.49-3.1
targetcli -
targetcli-fb -


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Binary Package python2-targetcli-fb-2.1.49-3.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package targetcli-fb-2.1.49-3.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install python2-targetcli-fb rpm package:

# zypper install python2-targetcli-fb




2019-02-07 -
- Ensure this package and the deprecated lio-utils package
do not run at the same time, in a sane way (bsc#11234233),
updating the source file targetcli-fb.service. Also, updated
the SPEC file with new year, updated URL, and http->https.
2018-12-07 -
- Enable RBD support for SLE/Leap 15+ (bsc#1118516)
2018-10-18 -
- Update to version 2.1.49:
* version 2.1.fb49
* targetcli-fb: Add support for media change
* fix the parameter of define_config_group_param
* saveconfig: handle backups with block-level delete
* saveconfig: way for block-level save with delete command
* create: add a way to set control string
* fix amount of backup files in backup dir
* config: add saveconfig command to StorageObject level
* Allow to customize a home directory
* Fix default max_backup_files in ui_command_saveconfig
* MappedLuns and Luns max number is not the same anymore
* Use signed char instead of char
* version 2.1.fb48
* remove wrong exit code from targetcli --version
* backup: global option to tune max no. of backup conf files
* config: rename key 'kept_backups' as 'max_backup_files'
* config: backup when current config is different from recent backup copy
* config: defend on '/etc/target/backup' directory
* Auto-detect readonly state for iblock devices
* Read number of backup files to keep from file
* skip refreshing user backed storage object when it is null
* Replace dbus-python with GObject Introspection
This replaces targetcli-fb-2.1.47.tar.xz with targetcli-fb-2.1.49.tar.xz,
and removes the following patches:
* Auto-detect-readonly-state-for-iblock-devices.patch
* Use-signed-char-instead-of-char.patch
* targetcli-only-save-old-config-if-present.patch
and updates the SPEC file.
2018-04-20 -
- Only save current config to backup if current
config exists (bsc#1090424), adding patch:
* targetcli-only-save-old-config-if-present.patch
2018-04-11 -
- Merge RBD support from non-fb version (bsc#1079329)
+ Split-out-blockdev-readonly-state-detection-helper.patch
+ rbd-support.patch (SLE/Leap only, due to LIO kernel dependency)
+ Add explicit Provides for "python-rtslib-rbd"
- Detect write-protected block devices (bsc#1070815)
+ Auto-detect-readonly-state-for-iblock-devices.patch
+ Use-signed-char-instead-of-char.patch
2018-04-10 -
- Automatically generate version string from upstream tag
+ Retain current fb-removed version format used
+ Rename targetcli-fb-2.1.fb47.tar.xz to targetcli-fb-2.1.47.tar.xzar.xz
and cleanup hardcoded duplicate name/version values in spec
2018-02-25 -
- Fix upgrade path by provide/obsolete targetcli/targetcli-fb (bsc#1082693)
2018-02-05 -
- Fix upgrade path by provide/obsolete version-release
2018-01-15 -
- Removed duplicate BuildRequires line, and add Conflicts for
2018-01-04 -
- Added dependency on dbus package to SPEC file (bsc#1073913)

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