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SortedContainers is an Apache2 licensed containers library, written in
pure-Python, and fast as C-extensions.
Python's standard library is great until you need a sorted container type. Many
will attest that you can get really far without one, but the moment you **really
need** a sorted list, dict, or set, you're faced with a dozen different
implementations, most using C-extensions without great documentation and
SortedContainers takes all of the work out of Python sorted types - making your
deployment and use of Python easy. There's no need to install a C compiler or
pre-build and distribute custom extensions. Performance is a feature and testing
has 100% coverage with unit tests and hours of stress.


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python(abi) = 2.7


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python-sortedcontainers = 2.1.0-1.1
python2-sortedcontainers = 2.1.0-1.1


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python-sortedcontainers < 2.1.0-1.1


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Binary Package python2-sortedcontainers-2.1.0-1.1.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

Install python2-sortedcontainers rpm package:

# zypper install python2-sortedcontainers




2019-03-26 - Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 2.1.0:
* Small updates to docs and tests for Python 3.7.
* Change imports for Abstract Base Classes to to avoid warnings in Python 3.7.
* SortedDict methods iterkeys, iteritems, itervalues, viewkeys, viewitems, and viewvalues are not implemented for Python 2. Attribute lookup now raises :exc:`AttributeError`.
* Accessing SortedDict.iloc will emit DeprecationWarning.
* SortedSet.__rsub__ erroneously reversed its arguments. The method has been removed in favor of the inherited Set.__rsub__ which has a correct implementation.
* :class:`SortedKeysView` and :class:`SortedValuesView` set-operations now return :class:`SortedSet` objects to better match the semantics of version 1.
- use github tarball for tests
2018-12-04 - Matej Cepl <>
- Remove superfluous devel dependency for noarch package

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