python2-pykwalify - Python lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation

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YAML/JSON validation library
This framework is a port with a lot added functionality of the java version of the framework kwalify that can be found at:
The original source code can be found at:
The source code of the latest release that has been used can be found at: Please note that source code is not the original authors code but a fork/upload of the last release available in ruby.
The schema this library is base and extended from:


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python2-pykwalify - - -


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python(abi) = 2.7
python2-PyYAML >= 3.11
python2-docopt >= 0.6.2
python2-python-dateutil >= 2.4.2


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python-pykwalify = 1.7.0-1.1
python2-pykwalify = 1.7.0-1.1


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python-pykwalify < 1.7.0-1.1


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Binary Package python2-pykwalify-1.7.0-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package python-pykwalify-1.7.0-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install python2-pykwalify rpm package:

# zypper install python2-pykwalify




2019-02-12 -
- update to verison 1.7.0 (October 3, 2018)
- In this release there was a line removed from the license file. It was modified in the following commit
(cc4e31b39ff4cce2dfbc662baa6469470dd3c033 Wed Oct 3 16:20:59 2018 +0200) and will be the main reason for
the 1.7.0 release. All commits and tags and releases (1.6.1 and all releases before it) prior to this commit will
use the old license that includes the change done in the above mentioned commit. Only release 1.7.0 and commits past
this point will use the new/updated license file.
- Dropped support for python 3.3 and 3.4
- version 1.6.1 (March 13, 2018)
- Added support for keyword *nullable*. It is now possible to allow for a key not to be empty, when *required* keyword is not used.
- Added support for keyword *class*. It will not cause any validation errors, but serves to make kwalify schemas compatible that uses that keywork.
- Bug fixes:
- Improved compatibility with unicodes to validate as strings.
- Changed behaviour:
- Propergate json and yaml loading errors when used from the cli to the user for easier debugging.
- General changes:
- Allow ruamel.yaml versions up to 0.16
- License is now bundled with the built release.
2018-12-04 - Matej Cepl <>
- Remove superfluous devel dependency for noarch package
2017-08-23 -
- Initial release 1.6.0

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