python2-pyFFTW - A pythonic wrapper around FFTW, the FFT library

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pyFFTW is a pythonic wrapper around the FFTW libary.
An interface for all the possible transforms that FFTW can perform is provided.
Both the complex DFT and the real DFT are supported, as well as arbitrary
axes of abitrary shaped and strided arrays, which makes it almost
feature equivalent to standard and real FFT functions of ``numpy.fft``
(indeed, it supports the ``clongdouble`` dtype which ``numpy.fft`` does not).
Operating FFTW in multithreaded mode is supported.
A comprehensive unittest suite can be found with the source on the github


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python2-pyFFTW = 0.11.1-1.3
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Install Howto

Install python2-pyFFTW rpm package:

# zypper install python2-pyFFTW




2018-12-22 - Todd R <>
- Update to version 0.11.1
+ New features
* Dask interface
* Fast transform planning utility
* Expanded support for norm keyword argument in the numpy interfaces
* Support for norm keyword argument in FFTW builders
* Dynamic library detection at build and run time
* OpenMP threading support
* Custom Configuration of Planners and Interfaces
+ Bugs Fixed
* A platform-dependent bug that results in potentially overwriting a previously
computed output upon repeated calls to the numpy interfaces was fixed (#199).
* Fix to potential platform-dependent integer overflow in empty_aligned (#192).
* rfftfreq is now present in the numpy fft interfaces for numpy >= 1.8 (#207)
+ Other changes
* float16 inputs are now transformed using single rather than double precision.
* The default planning for the numpy and scipy interfaces has changed from
FFTW_MEASURE to FFTW_ESTIMATE.  This results in faster planning.  In cases
where the same transform is to be repeated many times, it is likely
advantageous to manually specify FFTW_MEASURE instead (or use the FFTW builders
to pre-plan the FFT).
* FutureWarnings related to NumPy multiindexing in NumPy 1.15 are avoided by
using more modern indexing conventions.
* version number handling is now automatically handled by versioneer
* All documentation is now built and hosted at Read the Docs (
2017-10-08 -
- Replace future aims in description.
2017-08-23 -
- Implement single-spec version
- Update to version 0.10.4
+ Fixed bugs:
* Numpy interface can fail with non-writeable arrays.
* undefined symbol: simd\_alignment with gcc 5.3.0
* FTBFS: TypeError: can't pickle Cython.Compiler.FlowControl.NameAssignment objects
+ Closed issues:
* pyfftw fails with ImportError/undefined symbol fftwl\_plan\_with\_nthreads
* pyfftw does not appear to be using available wisdom files
* Accuracy of non-power 2 data
* Cannot find fftw3l when installing from pip
* Incorrect links to docs
* PyFFTW returning all zero array after transform...
* Move to separate pyFFTW project page
* Release GIL during planning?
* Merging/sharing wisdom
* scipy interface patching.
* very slow test suite
* setup: some targets should not require numpy to be installed
* 2x margin on the planning timelimit test is inadequate in windows on Complex64

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