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This package contains libproj and the appropriate header files and man pages.


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proj-devel = 6.0.0-3.1
proj-devel(x86-64) = 6.0.0-3.1


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Binary Package proj-devel-6.0.0-3.1.x86_64.rpm
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Install Howto

Install proj-devel rpm package:

# zypper install proj-devel




2019-04-01 - Kai Pastor <>
- Fix datumgrid packaging
2019-03-25 - Martin Pluskal <>
- Enable tests
- Fix previous changelog entry
2019-03-11 - Martin Pluskal <>
- Update to version 6.0.0 and datumgrid 1.7
* See provided NEWS for list of all changes
2018-09-19 - Martin Pluskal <>
- Update to version 5.2.0 and datumgrid 1.7
* See provided NEWS for list of all changes
2018-07-12 -
- Update to version 5.1.0 and datumgrid 1.7
* See provided NEWS for list of all changes
2016-10-02 -
- Update to 4.9.3
o update to new datumgrid version 1.6
2016-09-30 -
- Switch download link to OSGeo server
2016-07-04 -
- Update project and download url
- Small spec file cleanups
2015-09-27 -
- Update to 4.9.2
o proj_def.dat was missing from source distribution
see for more detail
o Update Geodesic library from GeographicLib
o Remove setlocale() use in pj_init_ctx()
o Renamed PVALUE in pj_param.c to prevent clash with Windows
2015-05-09 -
- Update to 4.9.1
o 4.9.0RC2 release was abandoned because it was not promoted in a
timely fashion. Subsequent maintenance of tickets has continued,
and a new 4.9.1 release was issued in its place.
o Implement inverse solution for Winkel Tripel from Drazan Tutic #250
o More CMake configuration tweaks. The CMake configuration is probably
not at feature parity with the autotools builds at this point but it
is converging #256
o Tweak initialization ordering around setlocal which may have caused
issues #237
o Support out-of-tree autoconf builds more completely #247
o Fix NaN handling by geod_inverse and geod_polygon_addedge #251 & #253
o Update config.sub and config.guess #257
o Adapt Charles Karney's CMake patches for smoother build #258
o Define default PROJ_LIB location for CMake compilation #261
o Fix Windows compilation on PJ_aitoff.c
o Align CMake SOVERSION with autotools #263
o Regenerate nad/epsg with GDAL r28536 to avoid precision loss in TOWGS84
parameters, e.g. on Amersfoort / RD EPSG:4289 (#260)
o Add CMake project-config.cmake scripts (#264 from Charles Karney)
o Dial back test sensitivity #255
- Changes for 4.9.0
o Implement CMake as an option for building PROJ.4
o Implement new virtual file api (projFileAPI) so that all access to grid
shift and init files can be hooked.
o Replace geodesic implementation with one from Charles Karney and add a
supported public interface (geodesic.h).
o Upgraded to EPSG 8.5.
o Removed old (deprecated) Java bindings in favor of the new api introduced
in 4.8.0.
o Implement the calcofi (Cal Coop Ocean Fish Invest Lines/Stations) projection
o Install projects.h again for applications that want access to internal
structures and functions despite the inherent fragility.
o Various bug fixes and cleanup.
o Added the CalCOFI pseudo-projection, #135

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