php-composer - Dependency Management for PHP

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Composer is a dependency manager tracking local dependencies of your projects
and libraries.


Package Version Architecture Repository
php-composer-1.8.5-44.1.noarch.rpm 1.8.5 noarch PHP Applications
php-composer-1.3.1-17.3.noarch.rpm 1.3.1 noarch PHP Applications
php-composer-1.3.1-17.2.noarch.rpm 1.3.1 noarch PHP Applications
php-composer - - -


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/usr/bin/env -
php >= 5.3.2
php-json -
php-openssl -
php-phar -
php-zip -
php-zlib -


Name Value
composer = 1.8.5
php-composer = 1.8.5-1.1
php5-composer = 1.8.5
php7-composer = 1.8.5


Name Value
composer < 1.8.5
php5-composer < 1.8.5
php7-composer < 1.8.5


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Binary Package php-composer-1.8.5-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package php-composer-1.8.5-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install php-composer rpm package:

# zypper install php-composer




2019-04-09 - Yunhe Guo <>
- Version 1.8.5
* HHVM 4.0 is no longer compatible with Composer. Please use PHP instead going forward.
* Added forward compatibility with upcoming 2.0 changes
* Fixed support for PHP 7.3-style heredoc/nowdoc syntax changes in autoload generation
* Fixed require command usage when combined with --ignore-platform-reqs
* Fixed and cleaned up various Windows junctions handling issues
2019-02-19 - Yunhe Guo <>
- Version 1.8.4
* Fixed long standing solver bug leading to odd solving issues in
edge cases, see #7946
* Fixed HHVM support for upcoming releases
* Fixed unix proxy for binaries to be POSIX compatible instead of
breaking some shells
* Fixed invalid deprecation warning for composer-plugin-api
* Fixed edge case issues with Windows junctions when working with
path repositories
2019-01-30 -
- Version 1.8.3
* Fixed regression when executing partial updates
2019-01-29 -
- Version 1.8.2
* Fixed invalid deprecation warning for ext-pdo_mysql and similar
* Updated to latest xdebug-handler
2019-01-29 -
- Version 1.8.1
* Deprecated support for non-standard package names (anything with uppercase,
or no / in it). Make sure to follow the warnings if you see any to avoid
problems in 2.0.
* Fixed some packages missing from the autoloader config when installing with
- -no-dev
* Fixed support for cloning GitLab repos using OAuth tokens instead of SSH
* Fixed metapackage installs/updates missing from output
* Fixed --with-dependencies / --with-all-dependencies not updating some
packages in some edge cases
* Fixed compatibility with Symfony 4.2 deprecations
* Fixed temp dir not being cleaned up on download error while archiving
* Updated to latest ca-bundle
2018-12-04 - Yunhe Guo <>
- Version 1.8.0
* Changed post-package-install / post-package-update event to be fired after
the lock file has been updated as opposed to before
* Added support for removing packages using a wildcard with the remove
command, e.g. composer remove foo/*
* Added chat to the list of support channels you can list in composer.json
* Added signal handling on require command to restore the composer.json in
case of abort
* Added --ignore to outdated command to pass one or more packages that you
do not want to be listed
* Added --no-dev to check-platform-reqs command to skip dev requirements
even if they are installed
* Added support for running plugin commands from sub-directories within a
project much like other Composer commands
* Added support for running Composer via phpdbg
* Added lib-imagick platform package
* Fixed validate command always checking for disabled checks when used with
- -strict
2018-11-01 - Yunhe Guo <>
- Version 1.7.3
* Fixed handling of replace/conflict rules. This may affect dependency
resolution in some edge cases.
* Fixed Bitbucket API support and migrated all calls to API v2 as v1 is
* Fixed support for lib-openssl 1.1.1 having only lowercase algorithm names
* Fixed escaping of URLs in Perforce and Svn drivers
* Fixed show command not respecting --path when a single package name was given
* Fixed regression in 1.7.2's handling of metapackages
2018-08-18 -
- Version 1.7.2
* Fixed reporting of authentication/rate limiting issues for GitHub API access
* Fixed create-project not checking the checking the latest commit out when a
cache was already present
* Fixed reporting of errors when global command can not switch the working directory
* Fixed PHP 5.3 JSON encoding issues with complex unicode character sequences
* Updated to latest ca-bundle and xdebug-handler projects, see related changelogs

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