perl-Test-PerlTidy - Check that all your files are tidy

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Package filename perl-Test-PerlTidy-20190402-1.1.noarch.rpm
Package name perl-Test-PerlTidy
Package version 20190402
Package release 1.1
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Development/Libraries/Perl
License Artistic-1.0 OR GPL-1.0-or-later
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This test submodule runs perltidy on files and reports errors if any
of the files differ after having been tidied. It does not permanently
modify the files being tested.
By default, perltidy will be run on files under the current directory
and its subdirectories with extensions matching: .pm .pl .PL .t.


Package Version Architecture Repository
perl-Test-PerlTidy - - -


Name Value
perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.28.1) -
perl(Path::Tiny) -
perl(Perl::Tidy) >= 20181120
perl(Text::Diff) -
perl(parent) -


Name Value
perl(Test::PerlTidy) = 20190402
perl-Test-PerlTidy = 20190402-1.1


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Binary Package perl-Test-PerlTidy-20190402-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package perl-Test-PerlTidy-20190402-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install perl-Test-PerlTidy rpm package:

# zypper install perl-Test-PerlTidy




2019-04-03 - Stephan Kulow <>
- updated to 20190402
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Test-PerlTidy/Changes
20190402        2019-04-02
* Fix
$VERSION overrided the one set by dzil
* Made the "use" imports explicit.
2019-03-13 - Stephan Kulow <>
- updated to 20190309.001
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Test-PerlTidy/Changes
2017-10-07 -
- spec-cleaned
2017-03-15 -
- update with cpanspec
2017-03-15 -
- Replace storytelling by an actual %description.
2017-02-08 -
- initial package

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