pagure-milters - Milter to integrate pagure with emails

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Package name pagure-milters
Package version 5.5
Package release 1.1
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License GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later
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Milters (Mail filters) allowing the integration of pagure and emails.
This is useful for example to allow commenting on a ticket by email.


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pagure = 5.5-1.1
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pagure-milters = 5.5-1.1


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Binary Package pagure-milters-5.5-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package pagure-5.5-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install pagure-milters rpm package:

# zypper install pagure-milters




2019-04-09 - Neal Gompa <>
- Update to 5.5
+ Add support for !owner to the API listing projects
+ Make sure that TemporaryClone.push also pushes tags
+ Various UI improvements
+ Allow blocking an user on a project
+ Replace calls to pygit2.clone_repository by calls to git clone directly
+ Make fork more performant by using 'git push --mirror'
+ Use the user's default email when rebasing
- Drop patch that is part of this release
+ 0001-pagure-ev-python-3-compatibility.patch
- Backport fix for pull mirroring service
+ 0001-Couple-of-fixes-for-the-mirroring-in-feature.patch
2019-03-29 - Neal Gompa <>
- Update to 5.4
+ Allow by default the ACL "pull_request_create" on project-less API token
+ Implement Pagure Git Auth
+ Add a new API endpoint allowing to update an existing PR
+ If the user doesn't have a valid ssh key inform but let them log in
+ Fix various UI issues
+ Add a button to take/drop a pull-request
+ Add a new API endpoint to assign pull-request to someone
+ Allow dots and plus signs in project names
+ Fix seeing releases when the reference provided returned a commit
+ Include the PR tags in their JSON representation
+ Ensure that forking does not run the hook
+ Deprecate fedmsg for fedora-messaging
- Backport fix for pagure-ev issues in Python 3
+ Patch: 0001-pagure-ev-python-3-compatibility.patch
- Add patch to allow SQLAlchemy 1.3.0+ with Pagure
+ Patch: 0501-Revert-Add-a-upper-limit-to-sqlalchemy.patch
- Update the service list to enable and start in README.SUSE
2019-02-22 - Neal Gompa <>
- Update to 5.3
+ Add support for AMQP via fedora-messaging
+ Improve filtering and searching through issues and PRs
+ Add support for forcing highlight types based on file extensions
+ Fix naming rules for labels/tags
+ Fix support for repoSpanner Git storage backend
+ CVE-2019-7628: Do not leak partial API keys in key expiration emails (boo#1124762)
- Drop patches that are part of this release
+ 0001-Allow-using-Pagure-with-python-redis-3.0.0.patch
+ 0002-Fix-Markdown-usage-to-work-with-Markdown-3.0.patch
2019-01-12 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Replace old $RPM_* shell vars.
2019-01-10 - Neal Gompa <>
- Update to 5.2
+ Add support for the MQTT protocol
+ Add support for mirroring in git repositories from outside sources
+ Add support to merge a PR when the fork was deleted
+ Add the ability to generate archive from a commit or tag
+ Allow searching the content of the comments on an issue tracker
+ Allow filtering the issue list by the close status
+ Show related PRs on the issue list if there are any
+ Add build status to pull requests page
+ Add new API endpoints for get and set project options
+ Add WIP/experimental/unstable support for third-party extensions to pagure
+ Add support for rebasing pull-requests
+ Implement a button to rerun CI tests on a pull request
+ Support disallowing remote pull requests
+ Add an about page in the themes
+ Update the chameleon theme
- Backport fix from master to allow using python-redis >= 3.0.0
+ Patch: 0001-Allow-using-Pagure-with-python-redis-3.0.0.patch
- Backport fix from master to fix compatibility with Markdown 3.0+
+ Patch: 0002-Fix-Markdown-usage-to-work-with-Markdown-3.0.patch
- Drop patches that are part of this release
+ 0001-Port-pagure-to-markdown-3.0-while-remaining-backward.patch
+ 0002-Bypass-old-hooks-rather-than-using-non-existing-syml.patch

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