pacemaker - Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager

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Package version 2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8
Package release 1.1
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Pacemaker is an advanced, scalable High-Availability cluster resource
It supports more than 16 node clusters with significant capabilities
for managing resources and dependencies.
It will run scripts at initialization, when machines go up or down,
when related resources fail and can be configured to periodically check
resource health.


Package Version Architecture Repository
pacemaker-2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8-1.1.x86_64.rpm 2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
pacemaker - - -


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/usr/bin/bash -
/usr/bin/python3.7 -
corosync >= 2.0.0 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
libpacemaker3 = 2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8-1.1 - - - - - -
pacemaker-cli = 2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8-1.1
psmisc -
python3 -
resource-agents -
systemd -


Name Value
pacemaker = 2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8-1.1
pacemaker(x86-32) = 2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8-1.1
pacemaker-ticket-support = 2.0


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heartbeat < 3.0
libheartbeat2 < 3.0.0


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Binary Package pacemaker-2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8-1.1.i586.rpm
Source Package pacemaker-2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install pacemaker rpm package:

# zypper install pacemaker




2019-04-11 - Yan Gao <>
- Rebase:
- Revert "use common service interface for fence-agents and RAs" (bsc#1132123)
* 0002-Revert-use-common-service-interface-for-fence-agents.patch
- Revert "service-lib: avoid call-pattern leading to use-after-free"
* 0001-Revert-Fix-service-lib-avoid-call-pattern-leading-to.patch
2019-04-09 - Yan Gao <>
- Update to version 2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8:
- scheduler: avoid error log in harmless situation
- libcrmcommon: use INT_MIN/INT_MAX instead of -1 for out-of-range integers
- service-lib: avoid call-pattern leading to use-after-free
- libp-i: Renamed to libpacemaker.
2019-04-04 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Drop %if..%endif guards around %packages which does not
affect the build result.
2019-04-04 - Yan Gao <>
- spec: no need to explicitly require the virtual dependency on libqb
2019-04-04 - Yan Gao <>
- Rebase:
* bug-728579_pacemaker-stonith-dev-id.patch
- Update to version 2.0.1+20190402.e091f4f0c:
- scheduler: one group stop shouldn't make another required
- libcrmcommon: compare_version: drop superfluous heap allocation
- libfencing: enumerate installed RHCS-style agents alpha-sorted
- xml diff'ing: prevent 'id' attribute reordering in "diff-removed"
- libcrmcommon: downplay "Creating RNG parser context" as debug prio
- controller: improve failed recurring action messages
- controller: improve lost action logs
- use common service interface for fence-agents and RAs
- libcrmcommon: allow whitespace in name/value pairs
- libcrmcommon: pcmk_nvpair_t should handle NULL values
2019-03-13 - Yan Gao <>
- Update to version 2.0.1+20190312.059e2e26b:
- spec: move stonith_admin to -cli where it belongs
- tools: Add crm_rule.
2019-03-12 - Yan Gao <>
- Update to version 2.0.1+20190311.e91ee92e5:
- libfencing: Change return type on stonith_agent_exists.
- scheduler: cl#5301 - respect order constraints when relevant resources are being probed (bsc#1117934, bsc#1128374)
2019-03-06 - Yan Gao <>
- Update to version 2.0.1+20190304.1ac166cd3:
- build: Update pkgconfig files for libpe.
- libp-i: Add a pkgconfig file for libp-i.
- libs: Rename libpengine to libpacemaker-internal.
- tools: Add new validate options to crm_resource.
- Add HealthIOWait provider which checks hosts's IOWait
- tools: crm_resource --clear should print out what it does
2019-03-05 - Yan Gao <>
- Update to version 2.0.1+20190304.9e909a5bd (Pacemaker-2.0.1):
- libcrmcommon: complete interrupted live migrations correctly
2019-02-28 - Yan Gao <>
- Update to version 2.0.0+20190225.22ee9a769:
- scheduler: skip all native constraints for unmanaged resources
- scheduler: sort nodes when creating constraints

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