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p11-kit provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules, as well
as a standard configuration setup for installing PKCS#11 modules in
such a way that they're discoverable.


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p11-kit-devel = 0.23.12-1.3
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Binary Package p11-kit-devel-0.23.12-1.3.i586.rpm
Source Package p11-kit-0.23.12-1.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install p11-kit-devel rpm package:

# zypper install p11-kit-devel




2018-06-15 - fezhang@suse.com
- New version 0.23.12
* Fix compile error when PKCS#11 GNU calling convention enabled
- Changelog from version 0.23.11
* trust: Add extractor for edk2/cacerts.bin
* modules: Add option to control module visibility from proxy
* trust: Prevent trust module being loaded by proxy module
* library: Use dedicated locale object for printing error
* Improve const correctness for P11KitUri
* PKCS#11 URI scheme comparison is now case insensitive
- Drop p11-kit-biarch.patch: Obsolete since 0.23.10
2018-03-27 - lnussel@suse.de
- New version 0.23.10
* New p11-kit server command
* The trust policy module now recognizes CKA_NSS_MOZILLA_CA_POLICY attribute
* New trust dump command
* New envvar P11_KIT_NO_USER_CONFIG to stop looking at user configurations
* trust: Respect anyExtendedKeyUsage in CA certificates
* Support x-init-reserved argument of C_Initialize() in remote modules
* install private executables in libexecdir, obsoletes p11-kit-biarch.patch
- new server subpackage
- change keyring to new maintainer Daiki Ueno
2018-03-20 - kukuk@suse.de
- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
2016-11-22 - sbrabec@suse.com
- 32-bit compatibility fixes:
* Add PKCS11 module to p11-kit-32bit (bsc#996047#c39)
* Add p11-kit-nss-trust-32bit NSS module
* Fix potential bi-arch issue with private binaries
(fdo#98817, p11-kit-biarch.patch)
2016-02-08 - mpluskal@suse.com
- Update to 0.23.2
* Fix forking issues with libffi
* Fix various crashes in corner cases
* Updated translations
* Build fixes
- Make building more verbose
- Enable tests
- Small spec file cleanup with spec-cleaner
2015-03-08 - p.drouand@gmail.com
- Update to version 0.23.1 (stable)
* Use new PKCS#11 URI draft fields for URIs [fdo#86474 fdo#87582]
* Add pem-directory-hash extract format
* Build fixes
- Remove 0001-trust-allow-to-also-add-openssl-style-hashes-to-pem-d.diff;
fixed on upstream release
- Remove autoconf, automake and libtool require; unneeded dependencies
- Add gtk-doc require; needed to build html documentation
- Remove redundant %clean section
2014-10-13 - lnussel@suse.de
- remove patches:
* trust-Print-label-of-certificate-when-complaining-.patch
* trust-Dont-use-invalid-public-keys-for-looking-up-.patch
- new version 0.20.7 (stable)
* New public pkcs11x.h header containing extensions [fdo#83495]
* Export necessary defines to lookup attached extensions [fdo#83495]
* Build fixes
- new version 0.20.6 (stable)
* Make the p11-kit-proxy.so module respect critical = no [fdo#83651]
* Build fix for FreeBSD [fdo#75674]
- new version 0.20.5 (stable)
* Don't use invalid keys for looking up stapled extensions [fdo#82328]
* Better error messages when invalid certificate extensions
* Fix parsing of some odd OpenSSL TRUSTED CERTIFICATE files
* Fix some leaks, and memory issues
* Silence some clang scanner warnings
- new version 0.20.4 (stable)
* Don't complain about C_Finalize after a fork
* Fix typo
2014-08-29 - lnussel@suse.de
- new version 0.20.3
* Fix problems reinitializing managed modules after fork
* Fix bad bookeeping when fail initializing one of the modules
* Fix case where module would be unloaded while in use [#74919]
* Remove assertions when module used before initialized [#74919]
* Fix handling of mmap failure and mapping empty files [#74773]
* Stable p11_kit_be_quiet() and p11_kit_be_loud() functions
* Require automake 1.12 or later
* Build fixes for Windows [#76594 #74149]
- apply patches to avoid errors from certificates with invalid public key
(fdo#82328, bnc#890908,

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