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Miscallaneous utilities for Unified Communication X.


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Install Howto

Install openucx-tools rpm package:

# zypper install openucx-tools




2019-02-25 - nmorey <>
- Update openucx-s390x-support.patch to fix support of 1.5.0 on s390x (bsc#1121267)
- Add baselibs.conf for ppc
2019-02-22 - Martin Li?ka <>
- Update to v1.5.0 (bsc#1121267)
* Features:
* New emulation mode enabling full UCX functionality (Atomic, Put, Get)
* over TCP and RDMA-CORE interconnects which don't implement full RDMA semantics
* Non-blocking API for all one-sided operations. All blocking communication APIs marked
* as deprecated
* New client/server connection establishment API, which allows connected handover between workers
* Support for rdma-core direct-verbs (DEVX) and DC with mlx5 transports
* GPU - Support for stream API and receive side pipelining
* Malloc hooks using binary instrumentation instead of symbol override
* Statistics for UCT tag API
* GPU-to-Infiniband HCA affinity support based on locality/distance (PCIe)
* Bugfixes:
* Fix overflow in RC/DC flush operations
* Update description in SPEC file and README
* Fix RoCE source port for dc_mlx5 flow control
* Improve ucx_info help message
* Fix segfault in UCP, due to int truncation in count_one_bits()
* Multiple other bugfixes (full list on github)
* Tested configurations:
* InfiniBand: MLNX_OFED 4.4-4.5, distribution inbox drivers, rdma-core
* CUDA: gdrcopy 1.2, cuda 9.1.85
* XPMEM: 2.6.2
* KNEM: 1.1.2
2018-11-06 -
- Update to v1.4.0 (bsc#1103494)
* Features:
* Improved support for installation with latest ROCm
* Improved support for latest rdma-core
* Added support for CUDA IPC for intra-node GPU, CUDA memory
allocation cache for mem-type detection, latest Mellanox
devices, Nvidia GPU managed memory, multiple connections
between the same pair of workers, large worker address for
client/server connection establishment and INADDR_ANY, and
for bitwise atomics operations.
* Bugfixes:
* Performance fixes for rendezvous protocol
* Memory hook fixes
* Clang support fixes
* Self tl multi-rail fix
* Thread safety fixes in IB/RDMA transport
* Compilation fixes with upstream rdma-core
* Multiple minor bugfixes (full list on github)
* Segfault fix for a code generated by armclang compiler
* UCP memory-domain index fix for zero-copy active messages
2018-10-15 -
- Update to v1.3.1 (fate#325996)
- Prevent potential out-of-order sending in shared memory active messages
- CUDA: Include cudamem.h in source tarball, pass cudaFree memory size
- Registration cache: fix large range lookup, handle shmat(REMAP)/mmap(FIXED)
- Limit IB CQE size for specific ARM boards
2018-08-09 -
- Update to v1.3.0 (bsc#1104159)
- Added stream-based communication API to UCP
- Added support for GPU platforms: Nvidia CUDA and AMD ROCM software stacks
- Added API for client/server based connection establishment
- Added support for TCP transport
- Support for InfiniBand tag-matching offload for DC and accelerated transports
- Multi-rail support for eager and rendezvous protocols
- Added support for tag-matching communications with CUDA buffers
- Added ucp_rkey_ptr() to obtain pointer for shared memory region
- Avoid progress overhead on unused transports
- Improved scalability of software tag-matching by using a hash table
- Added transparent huge-pages allocator
- Added non-blocking flush and disconnect for UCP
- Support fixed-address memory allocation via ucp_mem_map()
- Added ucp_tag_send_nbr() API to avoid send request allocation
- Support global addressing in all IB transports
- Add support for external epoll fd and edge-triggered events
- Added registration cache for knem
- Initial support for Java bindings
- Multiple bugfixes (full list on github)
- Drop UCT-UD-fixed-compilation-by-gcc8.patch as it was fixed upstream
- Refresh openucx-s390x-support.patch against latest sources
2018-06-13 -
- Remove libnuma-devel on s390x for older releases

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