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Documentation material covering installation, configuration, basic test writing, etc.
Covering both openQA and also os-autoinst test engine.


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Install Howto

Install openQA-doc rpm package:

# zypper install openQA-doc




2019-04-17 -
- Update to version 4.6.1555478309.f6dfdd9b:
* Clone only the latest revision of the SLE needles (#2048)
* Revert "openQA.spec: multiline macros for services and dependencies" (#2051)
* Update architecture diagram in accordance with PR 2043
* Fix the remaining issues of deleting workers
* Get rid of a few warnings that make test results on Travis hard to read
* Be a little more strict about WebSocket server response codes
* There should be no need for AssetPack in the websocket server
* Trust connections from localhost to the websocket server to avoid complex config file requirements
* The websocket server is no longer a dbus service
* Clean up tests and remove a few connection warnings
* The websocket server is no longer a dbus service
* Move ws_send from dbus to HTTP
* Move ws_send_job from dbus to HTTP
* Remove ws_send_all dbus function, which was actually unused
* Remove first dbus function from the websocket server
* Add an HTTP API to the websocket server
* Don't return status 402 on worker deletion failure
* Fix indentation in admin_worker.js
* Make OpenQA::Events::emit_event a non-static member function
* Update AppArmor profile for usrMerge (boo#1132350)
* Add cacheservice as part of
* openQA.spec: multiline macros for services and dependencies
2019-04-14 -
- Update to version 4.6.1554809752.3a77164a:
* Fix mock session logins to use only public Mojolicious APIs and create users with a proper resultset
* Prevent multiple limit_* tasks from running in parallel
* Allow deleting offline workers via API and web UI
* Don't duplicate settings in iso_create/cancel events
* Adapt product log test
* Add test for re-scheduling product
* Migrate 'iso_create' events to scheduled products
* Show scheduled products from new table in UI
* Test async flag for iso post route
* Move constants for job dependencies to their own file
* Add API route to query scheduled product
* Add async flag to ISO post route and table to keep track
* Cleanup scheduling functions
2019-03-31 -
- Update to version 4.6.1553599469.57d6b3ca:
* Properly escape bug titles
* YAML output for job templates and schema validation (#1999)
* Make the websocket server testable as a normal Mojolicious application
* Add a model class to store worker state
* Move more functions into helpers
* Move dbus functions into helpers
* Add controllers to the websocket server application
* Install test distri deps on bootstrap
* Turn websocket server into a real Mojolicious app
* Use Mojo::Promise in enqueue_and_keep_track
* docker: Add IO::Scalar dependency
* doc: Reflect renaming to
* worker: Upload serial_terminal.txt for svirt backend
* Unify schema access in OpenQA::WebAPI and fix the issue where the db helper was called on the application
* Use result_p to track Minion job instead of timers
* Improve logging non-scalar error info of GRU/Minion tasks
* Extract common code for saving and deleting needles
* Fix test for dependency graph
* Don't let needle-related tasks fail if the cause is uncritical
* Make needle deletion a Minion job
* Setting to not cancel parallel parents with still-pending children
* Add hints to fix dependencies when using devel
2019-03-15 -
- Update to version 4.6.1552567428.80082fe5:
* Test create and delete events for job templates
* Unify schema access with a singleton method
* Use route placeholder types whenever possible for cleaner routes
* Add link to relevant documentation in the job group settings
* Cache result of OpenQA::..::JobGroup::load_properties
* Allow disabling bug carry over on job group level
* Remove dead validation code and replace it with route placeholder types
* Pass affected_rows correctly in openqa_jobtemplate_create

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