open-vm-tools-desktop - User experience components for Open Virtual Machine Tools

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This package contains only the user-space programs and libraries of
open-vm-tools that are essential for improved user experience of VMware virtual


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open-vm-tools-desktop = 10.3.10-1.3
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open-vm-tools-gui = 10.3.10


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open-vm-tools-gui < 10.3.10


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Binary Package open-vm-tools-desktop-10.3.10-1.3.i586.rpm
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Install Howto

Install open-vm-tools-desktop rpm package:

# zypper install open-vm-tools-desktop




2019-03-29 - kallan <>
- Update to 10.3.10 (build 12406962) (boo#1130898)
+ Resolved - In certain cases, quiesced snapshots on Linux guests do not
include backup manifests.
- Drop unnecessary patch:
- include_log_h_for_g_info.patch
- no_manifest_on_aborted_snapshot.patch
- send_vmbackup_event_generic_manifest.patch
- vmtoolsd_bailout_on_rpc_errors.patch
2019-03-13 - kallan <>
- Link VGAuthService to libxmlsec1 rather than libxml-security-c for
SLES 15 and SLES 15 SP1. It requires libxmlsec1 to be available in the
base.  VGAuthService is already being linked with libxmlsec1 for
SLES 12 SP4.  (bsc#1122435)
2019-02-26 - Martin Li?ka <>
- Add gcc9-warnings.patch (bsc#1126102).
2019-02-08 -
- Link VGAuthService to libxmlsec1 rather than libxml-security-c in SLE
products where available. (bsc#1122435)
- Add patches to correct and/or improve handling of certain quiesced snapshot
failures (bsc#1124397).
+ no_manifest_on_aborted_snapshot.patch
Don't send a backup manifest when aborting a Linux quiesced snapshot.
+ vmtoolsd_bailout_on_rpc_errors.patch
Bail out vmtoolsd early when there are RPC errors.
+ send_vmbackup_event_generic_manifest.patch
Always send VMBACKUP_EVENT_GENERIC_MANIFEST during quiesced snapshots.
+ include_log_h_for_g_info.patch
Include vmware/tools/log.h to define g_info.
2019-01-29 -
- Update vmtoolsd.service to support cloud-init customization by default
by adding "DefaultDependencies=no" and "Before=cloud-init-local.service"
to the [Unit] section of vmtoolsd.service (bsc#1121964) .
- Copyright year updated in spec file.
2018-11-09 -
- Update to 10.3.5 (build 10430147) (boo#1115118)
+ While running a quiesced snapshot of a Linux guest onthe vSphere hosts
earlier than version 6.7, open-vm-tools logs warning messages.
+ CreateTemporaryFileInGuest/CreateTemporaryDirectoryInGuest returns a file
path that does not exist.
+ Excessive spikes of the Memory/Workload percentagemetric, in a vRealize
Operations cluster.
+ open-vm-tools Service running as vmusr crashes on Linux systems which are
not running on the VMware platform.
- Drop unnecessary patch:
- false-negative-cloud-init.patch
- handle-linux-kernel-stat-overflow.patch
- optional-override-os-name.patch
2018-10-12 -
- Added Handle Linux kernel /proc FS uint32 type stat overflow when calculating
+ handle-linux-kernel-stat-overflow.patch
On both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux, tools always parses Linux kernel /proc
FS stats as uint64 values.  For rate stats, current - previous can handle
uint64 type stat overflow, but not uint32 type.
- Added patch for Optional override for short and long OS names sent from Tools
+ optional-override-os-name.patch
Added support for customers to override the returned long and short OS
names through the tools config file. If the setting is present, then names
gathered by hostinfo will be ignored. The user is responsible for setting
the appropriate names.
- Added patch for Workaround for false negative result when detecting
cloud-init existance (bsc#1111619)
+ false-negative-cloud-init.patch
"cloud-init -v" cmd is used to detect if cloud-init is properly configured
and it works on most linux distros. However in some linux distro like
Amazon Linux 2, "cloud-init -v" will print result to stderr instead of
stdout and it makes "forkExecAndWaitCommand" give false negative result.
1. added a new bool switch in  "ForkExecAndWaitCommand" to choose
if we should ignore the stderr output when the return code is 0
2. removed unnecessary reference for "ForkExecAndWaitCommand" in
3. trivial change for some formatting

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