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Package release 1.1
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License Artistic-2.0
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This is "Not Quite Perl" -- a compiler for a subset of Perl 6 used
to implement a full Perl 6 compiler.


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nqp-2019.03-1.1.x86_64.rpm 2019.03 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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moarvm >= 2019.03


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nqp = 2019.03-1.1
nqp(x86-32) = 2019.03-1.1


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Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package nqp-2019.03-1.1.i586.rpm
Source Package nqp-2019.03-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install nqp rpm package:

# zypper install nqp




2019-03-19 - nine@detonation.org
- update to version 2019.03
* [moar] Add BINARY_* constants for the new ops
* Unmap obsolete mastto* ops
* Add some ints and other micro-opts to NFA code
* micro-opts to NFA code
* Add CONTROL_ANY constant
* Fix loss of some line number annotations
* Don't use `note` in the cursor role
* Add a local debug map to QAST::Block
* Have MoarVM bytecode writer write debug locals
* Add local debug names for NQP code
* Fix for dyncomp lexical lookup
* Show scalar replacement stats on profile overview
* Expose Replaced Allocations To SQL Profiler
2018-12-28 - nine@detonation.org
- update to version 2018.12
* Implement is array_type trait for classes
* Support "is box_target" trait
* Map new ops: buffertocu, serializetobuf, writeint, writeuint, writenum,
readint, readuint, readnum, getcp_s
* Map MVM_OPERAND_* constants
* Several improvements to the profiler
* Replace MAST by writing MoarVM bytecode directly
* Fix trying to encode synthetics to latin-1
* Fix get_frame_index not finding frame created by BEGIN time EVAL
* [moar] Fix nqp::falsey with int32 argument
* Add :$transitive named re R#2401
* Allow a fail cursor to be provided in !cursor_init
2018-11-11 - nine@detonation.org
- update to version 2018.10
* [moar] Add coercions from int32, int16, int8, uint32, uint16, uint8 to num,
from (u)ints to str and from uints to ints and vice versa.
* Add the coerce_us op to QASTCOMpilerMAST for coercions
* New ops: getsignals, slice, numify, wantdecont, istype_nd ("no decont"),
hllboxtype_*, 2 new atomic ops, hllbool, hllboolfor, fork, decodelocaltime
* Compile MoarVM spesh plugin API ops
* Map new spesh plugin object literal non-match op
* [moar] Implement unary ! on int32s
* Several fixes for reproducible builds
* Fix STDIN error for non-interactive REPL mode
* Fix stringification of Sub when using --target=ast
* Remove erroneous decont op in chain compilation
* Support hllization of Perl 6 hashes -> NQP hashes
* [Impl] !~~by adding NOT_ACCEPTS method
* Provide non-decont forms of some object ops
* Fix Unhandled lexical type error w/ native int's and Rakudo REPL
* Fix missing annotations in QAST dumps
* Add callback of nqp::spawnprocasync to catch exception
* Emit invoke_v instruction for void context calls
* Remove <?before> token in token term:sym<multi_declarator> (#484)
* Rename getstrfromname to strfromname (#483)
* Allow specification of repr with `stub` declarator
* Don't check var until we actually gonna use it
* Micro-opt method LANG
* Don't emit decont of callee if unrequired
* Improve getattr/bindattr code gen quality
* allow more type info to be passed from moarvm
* no need to pre-size an array for one element.
* also store whether a type holds extra data
* put the name of the SC in every type's extra info
2018-05-01 - nine@detonation.org
- update to version 2018.04.1
* Make build of NQP modules reproducible
* Profiler Template: Sort by time Instead of Pct
* Fix bug with iteration of empty character class
* Profiler Template: Allocations modal close by btn
* Profiler Template: Sort by time in call graph
* Clean up some odd naming in QAST regex compiler
* Only load cclass constants if they are needed
* Micro-opt in CAPHASH
* Remove apparently unused helper method
* Prevent boxing of native str
* Prevent another unnecessary boxing
* Optimize cursor_push_cstack a bit
* Optimize a loop in MATCH
* Don't emit cstack handling code if unused
* Use tryfindmethod in reduce_with_match
* Implement nqp::numify op
- Remove nqp-disable-faulty-test.diff - tests fixed upstream
- Remove nqp-reproducible-build.diff - included in upstream release

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