nodejs8 - Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript

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Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js
uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. Node.js has a package ecosystem
provided by npm.


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nodejs = 8.15.1
nodejs(abi) = 8.0
nodejs(engine) = 8.15.1
nodejs8 = 8.15.1-1.3
nodejs8(x86-32) = 8.15.1-1.3


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Binary Package nodejs8-8.15.1-1.3.i586.rpm
Source Package nodejs8-8.15.1-1.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install nodejs8 rpm package:

# zypper install nodejs8




2019-02-28 - Adam Majer <>
- New upstream LTS release 8.15.1:
* http: Further prevention of "Slowloris" attacks on HTTP and HTTPS
connections by consistently applying the receive timeout set by
server.headersTimeout to connections in keep-alive mode.
(CVE-2019-5737, bsc#1127532)
2019-02-01 -
- nodejs.keyring: update keyring to today's list as per
2019-01-07 -
- New upstream LTS release 8.15.0:
* cli: add --max-http-header-size flag
* http: add maxHeaderSize property
- Changes in LTS release 8.14.1:
* http2: fix sequence of error/close events
- Changes in LTS release 8.14.0:
* http:
+ Headers received by HTTP servers must not exceed 8192 bytes
in total to prevent possible Denial of Service attacks.
(CVE-2018-12121, bsc#1117626)
+ A timeout of 40 seconds now applies to servers receiving HTTP
headers. This value can be adjusted with server.headersTimeout.
Where headers are not completely received within this period,
the socket is destroyed on the next received chunk. In
conjunction with server.setTimeout(), this aids in protecting
against excessive resource retention and possible
Denial of Service. (CVE-2018-12122, bsc#1117627)
+ Two-byte characters are now strictly disallowed for the path
option in HTTP client requests. Paths containing characters
outside of the range \u0021 - \u00ff will now be rejected
with a TypeError. This behavior can be reverted if necessary
by supplying the --security-revert=CVE-2018-12116 command
line argument (this is not recommended).
(CVE-2018-12116, bsc#1117630)
* url: Fix a bug that would allow a hostname being spoofed when
parsing URLs with url.parse() with the 'javascript:' protocol.
(CVE-2018-12123, bsc#1117629)
- Changes in LTS release 8.13.0:
* assert: backport some assert commits
* deps:
+ upgrade to libuv 1.23.2
+ V8: cherry-pick 64-bit hash seed commits
* http: added aborted property to request
* http2: no longer experimental
+ bump dependency of nghttp2 to 1.34.0
- fix_ci_tests.patch: Reduce timeout for test-http2-session-timeout
- skip_test_on_lowmem.patch: skip test on low-memory build machine
- env_shebang.patch: dropped in favour of programmatic update
2018-12-24 - Guillaume GARDET <>
- Enable armv6 build
2018-11-26 -
- flaky_test_rerun.patch: Rerun failing tests in case of flakiness
2018-10-05 -
- fix_ci_tests.patch: fix unit tests
2018-09-21 -
- New upstream LTS release 8.12.0:
* async_hooks:
+ rename PromiseWrap.parentId
+ remove runtime deprecation
+ deprecate unsafe emit{Before,After}
* cluster:
+ add cwd to cluster.settings
+ support windowsHide option for workers
* crypto: allow passing null as IV unless required
* deps:
+ upgrade npm to 6.4.1
+ upgrade libuv to 1.19.2
+ Upgrade node-inspect to 1.11.5
* fs, net:
+ support as and as+ flags in stringToFlags()
+ emit 'ready' for fs streams and sockets
* http, http2:
+ add options to http.createServer()
+ add 103 Early Hints status code
+ add http fallback options to .createServer
* n-api: take n-api out of experimental
* perf_hooks: add warning when too many entries in the timeline
* src:
+ add public API for managing NodePlatform
+ allow --perf-(basic-)?prof in NODE_OPTIONS
+ node internals' postmortem metadata
* tls: expose Finished messages in TLSSocket
* trace_events: add file pattern cli option
* util: implement util.getSystemErrorName()
icu_61_namespacefix.patch: upstreamed
npm_search_paths.patch, versioned.patch, env_shebang.patch,
fix_ci_tests.patch: refreshed

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