nodejs10-devel - Files needed for development of NodeJS platforms

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This package provides development headers for Node.js.


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nodejs10-devel = 10.15.3-1.1
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Install nodejs10-devel rpm package:

# zypper install nodejs10-devel




2019-04-07 - Guillaume GARDET <>
- Add _constraints file to avoid OOM errors
2019-04-05 - Adam Majer <>
- flaky_test_rerun.patch: rework patch to account for tests that
end with an exception and are not actually re-run...
2019-03-06 - Adam Majer <>
- New upstream LTS version 10.15.3
* http: fix error check in Execute()
* stream: fix end-of-stream for HTTP/2
- fix_ci_tests.patch: refreshed
2019-02-28 - Adam Majer <>
- New upstream LTS version 10.15.2
* http: Further prevention of "Slowloris" attacks on HTTP and HTTPS
connections by consistently applying the receive timeout set by
server.headersTimeout to connections in keep-alive mode.
(CVE-2019-5737, bsc#1127532)
2019-02-01 -
- nodejs.keyring: update keyring to today's list as per
2019-02-01 -
- New upstream LTS version 10.15.1
* tls: throw if protocol too long
- fix_ci_tests.patch: refreshed
2019-01-07 -
- New upstream LTS version 10.15.0
(still bsc#1112438, FATE#326776, FATE#326919):
* cli: add --max-http-header-size flag
* http: add maxHeaderSize property
- Changes in version 10.14.2
* deps: upgrade to c-ares v1.15.0
* child_process: handle undefined/null for fork() args
* http2: make Http2Settings constructors delegate
* os: fix memory leak in userInfo()
- fix_ci_tests.patch: refreshed
2018-12-06 -
- New upstream LTS version 10.14.1 (still bsc#1112438, FATE#326776):
* deps: Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1.0j, fixing
+ Timing vulnerability in DSA signature generation
(bsc#1113652, CVE-2018-0734)
+ Timing vulnerability in ECDSA signature generation
(bsc#1113651, CVE-2018-0735)
* http:
+ Headers received by HTTP servers must not exceed 8192 bytes
in total to prevent possible Denial of Service attacks.
(bsc#1117626, CVE-2018-12121)
+ A timeout of 40 seconds now applies to servers receiving
HTTP headers. This value can be adjusted with
server.headersTimeout. Where headers are not completely
received within this period, the socket is destroyed on
the next received chunk. In conjunction
with server.setTimeout(), this aids in protecting against
excessive resource retention and possible Denial of Service.
(bsc#1117627, CVE-2018-12122)
* url: Fix a bug that would allow a hostname being spoofed when
parsing URLs with url.parse() with the 'javascript:' protocol.
(bsc#1117629, CVE-2018-12123)
2018-11-26 -
- flaky_test_rerun.patch: Rerun failing tests in case of flakiness
2018-10-30 -
- New upstream LTS 10.13.0: (bsc#1112438, FATE#326776)
* buffer: fix crash for invalid index types
* deps: fix wrong default for v8 handle zapping
- env_shebang.patch: dropped
- skip_test_on_lowmem.patch: skip some build tests on low-memory
build machines

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