nano - Pico editor clone with enhancements

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GNU nano is a small and friendly text editor. It aims to emulate
the Pico text editor while also offering a few enhancements.


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Install Howto

Install nano rpm package:

# zypper install nano




2019-04-16 -
- Update to GNU nano 4.1:
* Newline char is auto added to the end of a buffer
* -finalnewline (-f) has been removed
* Syntax files are read in alpha order when globbing
* preproc directives are highlighted with C syntax
* M-S now toggles soft wrapping M-N toggles numbers
* Jumpy -scrolling toggle removed
* ^W/^Y and ^W/^V are recognized again
* Executing external command disallowed in view mode
* Resizing issues during external or spelling cmds fixed
2019-03-26 - Martin Pluskal <>
- Update to version 4.0:
* An overlong line is no longer automatically hard-wrapped.
* Smooth scrolling (one line at a time) has become the default.
* A newline character is no longer automatically added at end of buffer.
* The line below the title bar is by default part of the editing space.
* Option --breaklonglines (-b) turns automatic hard-wrapping back on.
* Option --jumpyscrolling (-j) gives the chunky, half-screen scrolling.
* Option --finalnewline (-f) brings back the automatic newline at EOF.
* Option --emptyline (-e) leaves the line below the title bar unused.
* <Alt+Up> and <Alt+Down> now do a linewise scroll instead of a findnext.
* Any number of justifications can be undone (like all other operations).
* When marked text is justified, it becomes a single, separate paragraph.
* Option --guidestripe=<number> draws a vertical bar at the given column.
* Option --fill=<number> no longer turns on automatic hard-wrapping.
* When a line continues offscreen, it now ends with a highlighted ">".
* The halfs of a split two-column character are shown as "[" and "]".
* A line now scrolls horizontally one column earlier.
* The bindable functions 'cutwordleft' and 'cutwordright' were renamed to 'chopwordleft' and 'chopwordright' as they don't use the cutbuffer.
* The paragraph-jumping functions were moved from Search to Go-to-Line.
* Option --rebinddelete is able to compensate for more misbindings.
* Options --morespace and --smooth are obsolete and thus ignored.
* The --disable-wrapping-as-root configure option was removed.
- Enable file/magic guessing
2018-11-11 -
- GNU nano 3.2:
* binding changes and renames
* python 3 highlighting improvements
* don't define controldelete or controlshitfdelete in tiny version
* removed some old debugging code
2018-09-19 -
- GNU nano 3.1:
* fix a misbinding of ^H on some terminals and some systems
* no longer leave stray stuff after the prompt upon exit
when having suspended nano while using --constantshow
* do not allow to toggle to Replace in view mode
2018-09-09 -
- GNU nano 3.0:
* speed improvements
* changes, updates and renames to commands and bindings
* external spell check can now be undone
2018-06-15 -
- GNU nano 2.9.8:
* add ability to filter the buffer (or the marked region)
through an external command (^R^X and prefix the command with
the pipe symbol, "|")
* improve detecting and maintaining paragraphs
* support justifying //-style comments
* fix a crash when the binding of a key to a string lacks a
closing quote
* give feedback about the number of lines written also when
prepending or appending
2018-05-19 -
- GNU nano 2.9.7:
* add the option '--afterends' for making Ctrl+Right (the
nextword function) stop at word ends instead of beginnings
* accept multibyte letters for the Yes/No/All answers
* emergency saves of changed buffers in case of crashes
* add bindable function 'linenumbers'
* rename the toggles 'constupdate' to 'constantshow',
'cuttoend' to 'cutfromcursor', for consistency with the
corresponding options

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