nagios-www-dch - HTML and CGI files that do not call home

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Several CGI programs are included with Nagios in order to allow you to
view the current service status, problem history, notification history,
and log file via the web.
Since Version 3.1, some of those CGI files and the Nagios process itself
try to detect the latest version and fetching news feeds from the upstream
This additional package provides simply HTML files that do not "call
home" and also allow to run the web interface without PHP support.
There is also an offline version of the documentation included in this
Note: The HTML pages use 'side' and 'main' and frame targets.


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nagios-www-dch-4.4.3-2.1.i586.rpm 4.4.3 i586 openSUSE Oss
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nagios-www = 4.4.3


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nagios-www-dch = 4.4.3-2.1
nagios-www-dch(x86-64) = 4.4.3-2.1


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Binary Package nagios-www-dch-4.4.3-2.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package nagios-4.4.3-2.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install nagios-www-dch rpm package:

# zypper install nagios-www-dch




2019-04-20 - Stefan <>
- revert setting of sbindir back to nagios_cgidir
2019-01-20 - - 4.4.3
- update to 4.4.3
* Fixed services sending recovery emails when they recover if host in
down state (#572) (Scott Wilkerson)
* Fixed a make error when building on the aarch64 architecture (#598)
(Gareth Randall)
* Fixed --with-cgibindir and --with-webdir to actually set values given
(#585) (lawsontyler)
* Fixed soft recovery states for services (#575) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed XSS vulnerability in Alert Summary report (CVE-2018-18245)
(Jake Omann)
* Fixed services in soft states sometimes not switching into hard states
(#576) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed last_state_change to update when a state goes from soft -> hard
state (#592) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed Map link always being set to undefined host and don't show link
for Nagios Process root note (#539) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed notifications sending when services went into hard state on a
down or unreachable host (#584) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed log_host_retries not logging the host soft state checks (#599)
(Jake Omann)
* Fixed stalking_options N option to properly log only when a
notification is actually sent (#604) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed issue with service status totals being zero when
servicegroup=all on servicegroup status page (#579) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed escalation notifications logic and recovery notifications not
going out (#582) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed not finding child index causing duplicate hosts showing in the
Map (#471) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed Map configuration popup checkboxes not working and Root Node
not populating (#543) (Jake Omann)
* Fixed cleanup and deinit of neb modules on reload (#573) (Jake Omann)
- rebase nagios-4.2.2-enable-ppc64le.patch (allow ppc64le builds in
contrib Makefile) to:
2018-10-15 -
- install /var/spool/nagios setgid nagcmd so external applications
like the webinterface can issue commands to nagios (boo#1028975)

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