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Catalan spelling dictionary, hyphenation rules, and thesaurus.


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myspell-ca_ES_valencia = 20190423-1.1
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Binary Package myspell-ca_ES_valencia-20190423-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package myspell-dictionaries-20190423-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install myspell-ca_ES_valencia rpm package:

# zypper install myspell-ca_ES_valencia




2019-04-23 - Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 20190423:
* Serbian dictionary updated
* Update af_ZA hunspell
* Update Spanish dictionary
* Update Slovenian dictionary
* Update Breton dictionary
* Update Galician dictionary
2018-10-25 - Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 20181025:
* Turkish dictionary added
* Updated French dictionary
2018-07-04 -
- Update to 20180704 bsc#1102294 bsc#1099508:
* Indonesian hyphenation added
* English updates
* Croatian updates
* Bulgarian files converted to UTF8 in order to avoid bugs
2018-04-03 -
- Update to 20180403:
* Various updates around
* Indonesian spelling dictionary and thesaurus added
2017-12-18 -
- git state 20171218
* hungarian, spanish
- save git log before removing .git; run spec-cleaner
if present
2017-11-02 -
- Version update to git state 20171102:
* Albanian dictionary
* Udates all around the place
2017-05-11 -
- Update to git state 20170511:
* Add Tibetian dictionary
- Update script to not bother < 12.3 releases
2016-12-09 -
- add FLAG UTF-8 to es_ANY.aff [bsc#1014742]
+ myspell-dictionaries-es-FLAG-UTF-8.patch
2016-10-31 -
- Update to git state 20161031:
* Various language updates
* Notably Swedish and pt_PT
2016-05-11 -
- Version update to git state 20160511:
* Notably croatian and czech rules updates

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