libxslt-python - Python Bindings for libxslt

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The libxslt-python package contains a module that permits applications
written in the Python programming language to use the interface
supplied by the libxslt library to apply XSLT transformations.
This library allows parsing stylesheets. It uses the libxml2-python to
load and save XML and HTML files. Direct access to XPath and the XSLT
transformation context are possible. Thus it is possible to extend the
XSLT language with XPath functions written in Python.


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libxslt-python-1.1.33-2.1.x86_64.rpm 1.1.33 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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libxslt1 = 1.1.33
python(abi) = 2.7


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libxslt-python = 1.1.33-2.1
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Binary Package libxslt-python-1.1.33-2.1.i586.rpm
Source Package libxslt-python-1.1.33-2.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install libxslt-python rpm package:

# zypper install libxslt-python




2019-04-11 - Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>
- Security fix: [bsc#1132160, CVE-2019-11068]
* Bypass of a protection mechanism because callers of xsltCheckRead
and xsltCheckWrite permit access even upon receiving a -1 error
code. xsltCheckRead can return -1 for a crafted URL that is not
actually invalid and is subsequently loaded.
* Added libxslt-CVE-2019-11068.patch
2019-03-04 - Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>
- Update to version 1.1.33
* Portability:
- Variables need 'extern' in static lib on Cygwin
- Really declare dllexport/dllimport for Cygwin
- Fix callback signatures in Python bindings
- Fix transform callback signatures
- Fix extension callback signatures
- Fix deallocator signatures
- Fix XPath callback signatures
- Fix hash callback signatures
* Bug Fixes:
- Don't cache direct evaluation of patterns with variables
- Move function result RVTs to context variable
- Fix EXSLT functions returning RVTs from outer scopes
- Fix handling of RVTs returned from nested EXSLT functions
- Fix typos
* Improvements:
- Run Travis ASan tests with "sudo: required"
* Cleanups:
- Remove doc/libxslt-decl.txt
- Docs for 1.1.32 release
- Cleaned with spec-cleaner
2017-11-08 -
- Update to version 1.1.32
* fixes xml-config detection regression (boo#1066525)

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