libxml2-2 - A Library to Manipulate XML Files

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The XML C library was initially developed for the GNOME project. It is
now used by many programs to load and save extensible data structures
or manipulate any kind of XML files.
This library implements a number of existing standards related to
markup languages, including the XML standard, name spaces in XML, XML
Base, RFC 2396, XPath, XPointer, HTML4, XInclude, SGML catalogs, and
XML catalogs. In most cases, libxml tries to implement the
specification in a rather strict way. To some extent, it provides
support for the following specifications, but does not claim to
implement them: DOM, FTP client, HTTP client, and SAX.
The library also supports RelaxNG. Support for W3C XML Schemas is in


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Install Howto

Install libxml2-2 rpm package:

# zypper install libxml2-2




2019-01-26 -
- Version update to 2.9.9:
* Security:
+ CVE-2018-9251 CVE-2018-14567 Fix infinite loop in LZMA
decompression (boo#1088279 boo#1105166).
+ CVE-2018-14404 Fix nullptr deref with XPath logic ops
* Bug fixes:
+ Fix building relative URIs
+ Problem with data in interleave in RelaxNG validation
+ Fix memory leak in xmlSwitchInputEncodingInt error path
+ Set doc on element obtained from freeElems
+ Fix HTML serialization with UTF-8 encoding
+ Use actual doc in xmlTextReaderRead*Xml
+ Unlink node before freeing it in xmlSAX2StartElement
+ Check return value of nodePush in xmlSAX2StartElement
+ Free input buffer in xmlHaltParser
+ Reset HTML parser input pointers on encoding failure
+ Fix xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr reuse memory leak
+ Fix xmlTextReaderNext with preparsed document
+ HTML noscript should not close p
+ Don't change context node in xmlXPathRoot
* Improvements:
+ Remove redefined starts and defines inside include elements
+ Allow choice within choice in nameClass in RELAX NG
+ Look inside divs for starts and defines inside include
+  Add newlines to 'xmllint --xpath' output
+ Don't include SAX.h from globals.h
+ Support xmlTextReaderNextSibling w/o preparsed doc
+ Improve restoring of context size and position
+ Simplify and harden nodeset filtering
+ Avoid unnecessary backups of the context node
+ Fix inconsistency in xmlXPathIsInf
2018-03-20 -
- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
2018-03-14 -
- Version update to 2.9.8:
* Various -Werror fixes and compilation updates as travis is now
used by upstream
* Few additional tests added for ICU operations
2017-11-11 -
- Version update to 2.9.7 release:
* Bug Fixes:
+ xmlcatalog: restore ability to query system catalog easily
+ Fix comparison of nodesets to strings
* Improvements:
+ Add Makefile rules to rebuild HTML man pages
+ Remove generated file python/ from version control
+ Fix mixed decls and code in timsort.h
+ Rework handling of return values in thread tests
+ Fix unused variable warnings in testrecurse
+ Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings
+ Upgrade timsort.h to latest revision
+ Fix a couple of warnings in dict.c and threads.c
+ Fix unused variable warnings in nanohttp.c
+ Don't include winsock2.h in xmllint.c
+ Use __linux__ macro in generated code
* Portability:
+ Add declaration for DllMain
+ Fix preprocessor conditional in threads.h
+ Fix macro redefinition warning
+ many Windows specific improvements
* Documentation:
+ xmlcatalog: refresh man page wrt. quering system catalog easily
- Includes bug fixes from 2.9.6:
* Fix XPath stack frame logic
* Report undefined XPath variable error message
* Fix regression with librsvg
* Handle more invalid entity values in recovery mode
* Fix structured validation errors
* Fix memory leak in LZMA decompressor
* Set memory limit for LZMA decompression
* Handle illegal entity values in recovery mode
* Fix debug dump of streaming XPath expressions
* Fix memory leak in nanoftp
* Fix memory leaks in SAX1 parser
- Drop libxml2-bug787941.patch
* upstreamed in 3157cf4e53c03bc3da604472c015c63141907db8
2017-09-21 -
- Update package summaries and RPM groups. Trim descriptions for
size on secondary subpackages. Replace install call by a
commonly-used macro.
2017-09-21 -
- Add patch to fix TW integration:
* libxml2-bug787941.patch
2017-09-10 -
- Version update to 2.9.5 release:
* Merged all the previous cve fixes that were patched in
* Few small tweaks
- Remove merged patches:
* libxml2-CVE-2016-4658.patch
* libxml2-CVE-2017-0663.patch
* libxml2-CVE-2017-5969.patch
* libxml2-CVE-2017-9047.patch
* libxml2-CVE-2017-9048.patch
* libxml2-CVE-2017-9049.patch
* libxml2-2.9.4-fix_attribute_decoding.patch

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