libwebpmux3 - Library for reading/adding data to WebP container files

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The WebP Mux API contains methods for adding data to and reading data
from WebP files. This API currently supports XMP/EXIF metadata, ICC
profile and animation.


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Binary Package libwebpmux3-1.0.0-1.3.i586.rpm
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Install Howto

Install libwebpmux3 rpm package:

# zypper install libwebpmux3




2018-04-28 -
- update baselibs.conf for the new soversions
2018-04-28 -
- update to 1.0.0
- lossy encoder improvements to avoid chroma shifts in various
- ircumstances (issues #308, #340)
- big-endian fixes for decode, RGBA import and
- Tool updates:
gifwebp, anim_diff - default duration behavior (<= 10ms)
changed to match web browsers, transcoding
tools (issue #379)
img2webp, webpmux - allow options to be passed in via a file
(issue #355)
- changes from 0.6.1
- lossless performance and compression improvements + a new
'cruncher' mode (-m 6 -q 100)
- ARM performance improvements with clang (15-20% w/ndk r15c,
issue #339)
- webp-js: emscripten/webassembly based javascript decoder
- miscellaneous bug & build fixes (issue #329, #332, #343, #353,
[#360], #361, #363)
- Tool updates / additions:
- added webpinfo - prints file format information (issue #330)
- gif2webp - loop behavior modified to match Chrome M63+
(; '-loop_compatibility' can be
used for the old behavior
- changes from 0.6.0
- lossless performance and compression improvements
- miscellaneous performance improvements (SSE2, NEON, MSA)
- webpmux gained a -duration option allowing for frame timing
- new img2webp utility allowing a sequence of images to be
converted to animated webp
- API changes:
- libwebp:
- libwebpmux / gif2webp:
WebPAnimEncoderOptions: kmax <= 0 now disables keyframes,
kmax == 1 forces all keyframes. See
mux.h and the gif2webp manpage for
- changes from 0.5.2
- This release covers CVE-2016-8888 and CVE-2016-9085.
- further security related hardening in the tools; fixes to
gif2webp/AnimEncoder (issues #310, #314, #316, #322),
cwebp/libwebp (issue #312)
- full libwebp (encoder & decoder) iOS framework; libwebpdecoder
WebP.framework renamed to WebPDecoder.framework (issue #307)
- CMake support for Android Studio (2.2)
- miscellaneous build related fixes (issue #306, #313)
- miscellaneous documentation improvements (issue #225)
- minor lossy encoder fixes and improvements
- changes from 0.5.1
- miscellaneous bug fixes (issues #280, #289)
- reverted alpha plane encoding with color cache for
compatibility with libwebp 0.4.0->0.4.3 (issues #291, #298)
- lossless encoding performance improvements
- memory reduction in both lossless encoding and decoding
- force mux output to be in the extended format (VP8X) when
undefined chunks are present (issue #294)
- gradle, cmake build support
- workaround for compiler bug causing 64-bit decode failures on
android devices using clang-3.8 in the r11c NDK
- various WebPAnimEncoder improvements
- disable extras for now. it seems it is not building and
installing a library anymore
2016-02-12 -
- Update baselibs.conf

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